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Here is what happened on the show tonight:

The show kicks off and a video package plays, commemorating the last 20 years of “Impact Wrestling”. We head to the ring where Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt greet audiences at home. Trey Miguel comes to the ring, followed by Andrew Everett (who is replacing Jack Evans at the last minute), Kenny King, Alex Zayne, “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Ace Austin.

Ace Austin (c) vs. Kenny King vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Trey Miguel vs. Andrew Everett vs. Alex Zayne for the “Impact” X-Divison Championship in an Ultimate X Match

The bell rings and Austin starts hitting everyone with his cane. Miguel is knocked out of the ring, followed by Austin. Speedball takes out the other members on the outside, followed by Zayne, who hits a moonsault. Zayne climbs to the ropes, but is pulled down. King takes down Miguel with a kick, then gets him up but King counters with a  powerbomb. Miguel hits a flip over the top to King, standing on the outside.

Austin and Everett are in the ring. Austin takes him out with a kick, then flies to the outside. He hits Speedball with a kick off the apron, but Miguel reverses with a neck breaker. Everett hits a snap German suplex to Miguel on the apron, then hits a corkscrew on the outside off the top rope. Everett climbs to the top turn buckle, but Zayne takes him down, Miguel climbs up to the cable, but Zayne hits a blockbuster powerbomb with the help of King.

Speedball climbs up to the cable, but drops off it to take down Austin, Zayne and King. He hits Everett with an insiguri. Zayne hits a powerbomb to all five competitors, but Miguel holds on. Miguel hits Zayne with a Canadian Destroyer off the top turn buckle.

Miguel, Austin and Zayne exchange right hands. Miguel gains the upper hand and climbs to the cable. King, Speedball and Austin climb up on opposite corners, but Speedball and Austin knock down King and Miguel. The two hang by their feet and hands and hit one another with chops. Everett joins them and  climbs up to the top to try and unhook the belt. Speedball hits him with a head scissor takedown while hanging on. Zayne starts climbing across the cable, but Austin kicks him down. Speedball takes down Austin and unhooks the belt to become the new world champion.

Winner: “Speedball” Mike Bailey

Commentary introduces the French commentary team. They then run down the rest of the card. We then go to Scott Hudson backstage, standing by with the “Impact” Originals. Alex Shelley says that there have been many good tag teams in “Impact” through the years, but they came out on top because they have stuck with the company. Chris Sabin says that they are there to celebrate 20 years of “Impact”. Frankie Kazarian says they are there to fight and they hope they can bring it. Nick Aldis says that he loves the business and they were all able to make their mark because of “Impact”. Hudson asks who the fifth guy is on their team, and Aldis says that when they came across this name on the applicants, he was the one. Hudson says that legends will be in person tonight, and throws it to a video package of Sting. Sting talks to camera about his experiences with “Impact”, his highlights while there and his they gave him a second chance at wrestling.

Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie come to the ring, followed by the Influence.

The Influence (Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood) (c) vs. Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie for the “Impact” Knockouts Tag Team Championships

Rayne and Valkyrie start off the action. The bell rings and Valkyrie sends Rayne to the mat. The two exchange submissions, but Valkyrie gets the upper hand. Rosemary tags in, and she delivers a bunch of right hands. Rayne tags in Dashwood and Valkyrie tags in. Valkyrie hits a chop, but Dashwood hits a back elbow. Rosemary tags in and sends Dashwood to the mat. Rosemary and Valkyrie argue through the match, as they keep tagging themselves in.

Dashwood sends Rosemary into he corner, and hits a bunch of kicks to the midsection. She pins Rosemary, but Rosemary kicks out. Dashwood tags in Rayne, and she hits a few kicks to Rosemary’s midsection. Dashwood is tagged in and sends Rosemary face first to the mat. She goes for the pin, but Rosemary kicks out. Rosemary hits a belly to back suplex and tries going for the tag, but Dashwood pulls her away. Rosemary makes her way out and makes the hot tag to Valkyrie as Dashwood tags in Rayne.

Valkyrie hits some kicks, then a goes for a Blue Thunderbomb and goes for a pin, but Rayne kicks out. Rosemary tags in and hits an exploder. Rosemary and Valkyrie start attacking the Influence in the corner, then send them into one another. They hit a double spear, then go for the pin, but Rayne and Dashwood kick out.

Rayne sends Rosemary into Valkyrie, then the Influence hit the Collab. Rayne goes for the pin, but Valkyrie sends her to the outside. Rosemary hits a knee to the face, followed by the Skyward Suplex for the win to crown new champions.

Winners: Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie

Kurt Angle appears in a video to talk about what “Impact” means to him. We cut to Moose and Sami Callahan locked in their dark rooms prior to their Monster’s Ball match. They have had no food and no water for the last 24 hours. We cut to a video package recapping their feud. Commentary reminds the crowd that there are no count-outs or DQ’s. Weapons are allowed and the only way is to win by pin fall or submission.

We cut to both men being let out of their rooms. Moose comes to the ring, but Callihan attacks him.

Sami Callihan vs. Moose in a Monster’s Ball Match

The bell rings and the two men exchange forearms. Callihan gains the upper hand and sends Moose into the barricade. Callihan tosses a trash can in the ring, then grabs a couple metal trays and hits Moose with them. Moose hits him with a trash can lid. Moose grabs a fan’s water bottle and a fan’s hot dog. Callihan starts bleeding from his head as Moose hits him with some right hands.

Callihan hits an eye rake, then Moose hits a urinagi into the ring apron. He sends him into the apron again, then delivers a choke slam to Callihan through a table set up on the outside. Moose grabs a chair and sends them in the ring, Both men enter the ring and Moose puts a chair on Callihan’s ankle. He grabs another chair to hit it, but Callihan escapes. The two men each throw a chair at one antoher’s face.

Callihan puts Moose’s head in a trash can when he goes for a spear. Callihan hits the trash can with a chair, then stands him up while he’s still in the trash can. He goes under the ring and grabs a door with barbed wire on it.

Moose escapes the trash can, and Callihan grabs him. He tries to send Moose into the door set up in the corner, but Moose stops this from happening. Moose ends up on the top turn buckle and Callihan throws him off there into the timekeeper’s table. Callihan throws him back into the ring, then grabs a black bag from under the ring. He opens it and pours out thumb tacks. Moose sends Callihan off the top turnbuckle with a Sky High into the tacks. He goes for a pin, but Callihan kicks out.

Moose drags Callihan through the tacks and near the door with barbed wire. He goes for a spear, but Callihan counters and gets Moose up on his shoulders. He hits a Death Valley Driver into the door, then goes for a pin but Moose kicks out.

Callihan and Moose each have a trash can lid and start hitting one another on the head with them. They take one another out when they go for one at the same time. They both get up and start plummeting one another. Moose hits a pump kick, but Callihan hits the Cactus Driver 97 on Moose into the tacks. He goes for the pin but Moose kicks out. Callihan gets him in the position for another, but Moose counters with a  low blow. Moose sets up a trash can, then sets up Callihan on the top turn buckle. Callihan escapes and hits a powerbomb on Moose on top of the trash can. He hits another Cactus Driver 97, then goes for a pin, but Moose kicks out. Callihan pulls a barbed wire bat out of a trash can. He hits yet another Cactus Driver 97 for the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan

There is then a video package recapping the feud between the Briscoes and the Good Brothers. The Good Brothers come to the ring, followed by the Briscoes. The two teams get in one another’s faces.

The Briscoes (Jay and Mark) (c) vs. The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) for the “Impact” Tag Team Championships

The bell rings and the two teams start going after one another. Jay clotheslined Gallows out of the ring, then take out Gallows. The Briscoes’ fly over the top rope and take out the Good Brothers. Mark hits an elbow drop off the apron.

Gallows hits a head but on Mark as Jay hits a bodyslam on Anderson on the entry ramp. Gallows hits a knee to Jay’s midsection as Mark slams Anderson’s head into the ring. Jay hits Gallows in the head with a chair, then Mark brings it into the ring. He sets it up and flies over the top to the outside with the assistance of the chair.

Anderskns starts beating up Mark in the corner. Mark hits a kick, then tags in Jay. Anderson sends him into the steel chair set up in the corner, then tags in Gallows. Gallows delivers some right hands to Jay’s midsection, then tags in Anderson. Jay hits a neck breaker on Anderson.

Jay tags in Mark, then hits a forearm to Anderson’s face. He sends Anderson to the mat, then hits a step up insiguri. Gallows tries to interfere, but Mark takes him down. Mark hits an overhand belly to belly suplex. He gets Anderson up on the top turn buckle, then drops him down. He goes for the pin, but Anderson kicks out. Anderson gets Mark up to the top, but he escapes. He hits a spine buster on Mark, then goes for the pin but Mark kicks out.

Gallows tags in. The two set up for the Magic Killer, but Jay makes the save and hits a spear on Anderson. Mark rolls up Gallows, but he kicks out. Gallows tags in Anderson. Anderson and Mark exchange elbows, but Anderson gains the upper hand with an upper cut. He hits an elbow on Mark in the corner, but Jay comes in and they double team on Anderson. Mark goes for the pin, but Anderson kicks out. Jay tags in and hits a clothesline on Anderson. Jay gets him up on his shoulders, but Gallows makes the save and tosses him into a Gun Stun. Jay fights both of the Good Brothers, but the two gain the upper hand and hit the Magic Killer for the win to become the new champions.

Winners: The Good Brothers

Post match, the two teams face off. America’s Most Wanted music hits and James Storm and Chris Harris come to the ring. They enter the ring and grab a mic. Storm says that the two teams are just like them and invite them to have a drink with them. They hand everyone a beer and Storm makes a toast to them. He says when “Impact” first started, the haters said they wouldn’t last but they’re still here and they all cheers one another and share a drink.

There is then a video package honoring Mike Tenay and Don West. Commentary promotes the Don West Tag Team Fight Against Lymphoma Go Fund Me to help Don West in fighting the terrible disease.

There is then a video package recapping the feud between Honor No More and the “Impact” Originals. Christy Hemme then stands in the ring and introduces Scott D’Amore, who joins commentary. Hemme introduces Honor No More, who are accompanied by Maria Kannellis. She introduces the “Impact” Originals, starting with Frankie Kazarian, then followed by the Motor City Machine Guns and Nick Aldis. Dixie Carter’s music hits and she comes to the ring to thank everyone in the company and announce the mystery partner for the “Impact” Originals, Davey Richards.

“Impact” Originals (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Frankie Kazarian, Nick Aldis, and Davey Richards) vs. Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, PCO, and Vincent)

The bell rings and the two teams start beating up one another. The Motor City Machine Guns go after Taven and Bennett. They double team on them. Bennett hits a brain buster on Sabin, but he kicks out. Sabin hits a backslide, but Bennett kicks out. Sabin hits a suplex on Bennett, then tags in Aldis.

Aldis hits a side slam, then tags in Kaz. Vincent is tagged in and Kaz whips him into the corner. He sends him tot he mat them goes for the pin, but Kaz kicks out. Edwards is tagged in as Richards is as well. Edwards tags in Taven right away. Richards hits a kick to the midsection as Kaz tags in. Vincent tags in and Shelley hits a shoulder tackle in the corner. Bennett tags in and the Machine Guns hit a double suplex. Richards tags in and delivers a kick to Bennett. He hits a leg drop and sends Richards out of the ring.

Vincent and Shelley are the legal men. He hits a DDT on him, then goes for a pin but Sabin breaks it up. Bennett tags in and hits Shelley with a drop kick. He goes for a pin but Bennett kicks out. Bennett tags in Taven and hits a moonsault. He goes for a pin, but he kicks out. Taven tags in Edwards and he delivers a head butt to Shelley. Edwards tags in PCO and he delivers a neck breaker. He slides Shelley under the ropes and goes for the Animator off the top rope, but Shelley moves out of the way.

Shelley takes out Honor No More. He makes the hot tag to Kaz. Kaz takes down Vincent, then hits him with a cutter. He goes for the pin, but Edwards breaks it up. Vincent tags in PCO and Kaz tags in Aldis. Aldis takes down PCO and locks in a cloverleaf. Taven breaks it up, then each member of the two teams take one another out.

Richards and Edwards stand face to face in the ring. Richards and Edwards exchange kicks and chops, but Richards gains the upper hand. He hits a corkscrew to Edwards’ leg off the rope, then goes off the top. He locks in a calf submission. Taven goes to break it up, but Richards locks in in a submission. Shelley locks in the Broder City Stretch on Bennett and Aldis locks in a cloverleaf on Vincent. The rest of Honor No More breaks it up. PCO hits Aldis with a body slam, then goes off the top turn buckle with a moonsault. Aldis moves out of the way. Aldis hits a body slam, then tags in Richards. Richards hits the Doubke Stomp, then goes for the pin but PCO kicks out.

Sabin is tagged in. Kanellis gets up on the apron for the distraction but Traci Brooks (who was at ringside) takes her out. PCO drags her in the ring but Kaz protects her. PCO gets up to the top with Kaz, and he goes off the top. He goes for the pin, but PCO kicks out. Kenny King interferes, but D’Lo Brown comes down to the ring and takes him out. Brown goes off the top and hits a frog splash on King. The Motor City Machine Guns double team on PCO, but Bennett and Taven interfere. Sabin hits the Cradle Shock on PCO for the win. Earl Hebner enters the ring and makes the count for the win.

Winners: “Impact” Originals

AJ Styles appears in a video and talks about his time and his favorite matches at “Impact” Wrestling. There is then a video hyping the Queen of the Mountain match. Commentators run down the rules for the match. Wrestlers are ineligible to start with, then become eligible when they pin or submit another woman. If you are pinned or submitted, then you are sent to the penalty box for two minutes. The first woman to win is the one who hangs the title from the top hook.

Mickie James comes to the ring. Chelsea Green, Deonna Purrazzo, Jordynne Grace and Mia Yim come to the ring, followed by Tasha Steelz (accompanied by Savannah Evans)

Tasha Steelz (c) vs. Chelsea Green vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Mia Yim for the “Impact” Knockouts Championship in a Queen of the Mountain Match with Mickie James acting as special guest enforcer

The bell rings and Steelz slides out of the ring. Yim goes after Green as Grace goes after Purrazzo. Steelz sets up a table on the outside. Green and Purrazzo double team on Yim. Green goes for the pin, but Yim kicks out. Purrazzo and Green beat down Yim, then send her out of the ring where she takes out Steelz and Grace. Purrazzo and Green go flying off the top. She goes for a pin on Steelz, becoming eligible and sending Steelz to the penalty box with Evans.

Yim kicks Green in the head, then goes for a pin but Purrazzo breaks it up. Grace and Yim double team to take out Purrazzo. Yim hits a right hand and the two deliver a back suplex. Purrazzo is sent into the corner, but fights her way out. Steelz and Evans are allowed out of the penalty box.

Steelz hits a pump kick, followed by the double knees on Grace. She goes off the ropes, then pins Yim but Yim kicks out. James bars Evans from ringside. Steelz hits an upper cut on Green, then hits a kick on Green. She goes for a pin,  but Green kicks out. Yim gets in the ring and hits a Northern Lights suplex to become eligible and send Green to the penalty box. Yim climbs the ladder to put the belt on the hook, but Purrazzo climbs to keep her from getting up. Grace gets Steelz up on the top turn buckle, but Steelz hit a cutter to Yim off the ladder. Purrazzo tries to take advantage and cover Yim, but Grace breaks it up.

Purrazzo locks Steelz in the Fujiwara Armbar as Geeen is released. Steelz taps and Purrazzo becomes eligible. Purrazzo and Green double team on Grace in the corner. Grace takes out Purrazzo, then Green delivers a backstabber. Yim throws the ladder on Green. Green sends Yim into the corner face first. She goes for the pin, but Yim kicks out. Green goes straight after Yim, but Yim rolls her up. Green kicks out and is in possession of the title.

Steelz is released from the box and enters the ring. Green sends her face first into the ladder. Yim hits a missile drop kick on Green and sends her into the ladder. Yim goes off the ladder and delivers a flipping senton to Grace and Purrazzo. Yim hits Grace with a package pile driver and sends her to the penalty box.

Yim sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring while in possession of the belt. Steelz grabs it from her, but Green takes it away. Green starts to climb the ladder, but James pulls her down. She slides the title to Yim, but Purrazzo powerbomb her onto a ladder. Steelz whips Yim onto the ladder, then Green sends her into the ladder. Grace is released from the penalty box as Green and Purrazzo climb the ladder. Yim tips the ladder and sends Green and Purrazzo to a table on the outside.

Grace hits a Northern Lights suplex, and her and Steelz hit a double pin on Yim. Both women become eligible. Steelz takes down Grace and becomes in possession of the belt. She climbs the ladder, but Grace pulls her down and hits the muscle buster. She sends Steelz to the penalty box. Grace grabs the belt and climbs the ladder. She hangs the belt to become the new Knockouts World Champion.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

We go backstage where Gia Miller introduces Goldie Locks. Goldie Locks introduces her guest, Gail Kim. The two hit and she allows Kim to thank the fans and the company for giving women a chance when no one else did. She says she’s looking forward tit he next 20 years to come.

We go back to commentary, where they reveal the next pay-per-view will be called “Against All Odds”. We then cut to a promo video for “Bound for Glory”.

A video package plays, recapping the feud between Josh Alexander and Eric Young. Eric Young comes to the ring, accompanied by Deaner and Joe Doering. Josh Alexander follows him.

Josh Alexander (c) vs. Eric Young for the “Impact” World Championship

The bell rings and the two lock up. Alexander hits an arm drag, then Young gives one right back to him. Alexander sends Young into the corner, but Alexander hits him with a knee. He hits a moonsault off the top one. Young gives one right back to him and hits him with a clothesline.

The two men start clubbing one another with forearms. They exchange chops and boots. Alexander gains the upper hand and starts hitting Young with right hands. He hits a  running knee on Young in the corner. Young gets him up on his shoulders and drops him to the mat. He pins Alexander, but Alaxander kicks out.

On the outside, Deaner sets up a table. Young gets Alexander up and hits him with a right hand. Alexander fights back and hits him with a chop. Young is sent on the apron and holds on to avoid going into the table. He gets on the top turn buckle and plants Alexander with an elbow drop. He goes for the pin, but Alexander kicks out.

Young rolls to the outside and rips the canvas in the corner. Alexander hits a back drop, then a clothesline. Alexander sends Young face first into the mat, then hits a powerbomb. He goes for the pin, but floats over into a submission. He takes out Deaner and Doering on the outside, then delivers a crossbody off the top rope. He goes for a pin, but Young kicks out.

Young hits a Skull Crushing Finale, then goes for a pin, but Alexander kicks out. Alexander locks in an ankle lock, but Young breaks it up by sending him into the turn buckle. Young hits the Black Hole, then goes for a pin but Alexander kicks out.

Young hits a  right hand to the side of Alexander’s head. Alexander sends Young to the mat with a  leg sweep. He hits a Best Moonsault Ever, then goes for a pin but Young kicks out. Young hits him with a back drop. Alexander gets Young up and hits a Styles Clash. He goes for the pin, but Young kicks out.

Alexander locks in an ankle lock, but Deaner blinds the referee with yellow powder to his eyes as Young taps out. Alexander sends Young to the outside. Doering tries to interfere, but Alexander delivers an Olympic Slam to the outside on the table that had previously been set up.

Deaner stands in the ring with the VBD flag, but Alexander grabs a Canadian flag from under the ring. Alexander hits him with the flag pole. Young hits him with a guitar over  head as a tribute to Jeff Jarrett. He goes for the pin, but Alexander kicks out. Young tears the mats off the ring to expose the wood. Young hits a pile driver on the exposed wood, then goes for the pin, but Alexander kicks out. Alexander locks in an ankle lock, but Young escapes. Alexander hits a spine buster on Young on the exposed wood, then hits the C4 spike on the exposed wood to retain the title.

Winner: Josh Alexander

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