EXPERT HOLIDAY GUIDE: 5 Pointers to Help You Find the Best Beach Hotel

A beach holiday, at last! If you’re planning for one and you can’t seem to find the perfect beach hotel for you, we’ve got you covered!

We talked to travel agents and travel bugs to ask for premium tips on how to look for the best beach hotel. We know how overwhelming planning and scheduling can be so we’re determined to make everything easier for you. Relax, read on, and duly apply. Enjoy! 


5 Pointers to Help You Find the Best Beach Hotel from Experts

Pointer #1:Recommendations from family and friends

Start with people you trust. Talking to family and friends that you personally know and who truly care for you will make planning, booking, and scheduling way easier. In a heartbeat, they could give you resorts, hotels, and beaches that they’ve been at that fully recommend. As they will be all about your enjoyment, they will also give you personal insider tips that will make your vacation more fun, convenient, stress-free, and meaningful. They could also recommend good spots to visit, dine in, and shop. 

Be careful with the following though:

  • You may not share the same level of standard and taste with your family and friends
  • You may not share the same interests with your family and friends
  • Your family and friends may not be fully aware of your personal style and preferences
  • Things may have already changed (or deteriorated) since their last visiting
  • Recommendations can be fully personal and easily biased when they encounter a uniquely positive or negative experience

Pointer #2: Personal experience

Apart from your family and friends, you can also choose to fully rely on your experience. Your judgment will never fail you. You know your taste, preferences, and dealbreakers like no one else so you can easily filter places that you’ve been to and decide if any of them are actually fitting for your preferred and well-deserved beach holiday. Vacationing in a beach hotel that you’ve already been to will bring in many advantages as you will already know the best spots to visit and you may already be acquainted with the people and staff there. 

Be careful with the following though:

  • Your beach hotel of choice may have changed a lot since your last visiting
  • Your memory may fail you and you may be remembering something that does not even exist and is very different from your actual experience 

Pointer #3: Expert reviews

Of course, you can always rely on experts. You can choose to connect with travel agents, travel consultants, travel, guides, and travel agencies. You can even buy books and read extensive expert reviews online. You can check out YouTube and look for travel experts that can easily clue you in on up-and-coming beach hotel resorts.Kudo Hotel Patong Beach is a well-reviewed beach hotel resort by experts so you could start your search from there to see just how things go when it comes to reviewing beach hotels.

Be careful with the following though:

  • This will not work for you if you’re a seasoned traveler as you may know way more than an average tour company
  • You will not be truly prioritized by travel companies. They are honestly more interested in meeting quotas and sales targets. Hence, you should be extra careful. Always remind yourself that there is always a hidden agenda in all their offers. Stick to what is true and convenient for you.
  • Travel companies usually have tie-ups with particular hotels. You may end up staying in a hotel that you don’t prefer as your travel company will book you with their partner hotel. 

Pointer #4: Customer Feedback

Customers are real people that have no hidden agenda. Hence, their reviews are always ripe with truthful and transparent accounts of how things really are — from products, services, and yes, even beach hotels. Dedicate a time, a full day even, to just reading customer reviews on your preferred beach hotels. Reading different perspectives will give you a clear idea of which hotel best suits your holiday preferences. Reviews from Tripadvisor are always extensive and comprehensive so do check out that site. 

Be careful with the following though:

  • You can be confused by people who give nasty reviews because they experience something that is out-of-the-ordinary
  • You can be confused about which reviews to trust
  • Reviewers have different criteria and varying levels of standard


Pointer #5: Surprise, surprise 

Yes, you can go shake things up and not be particular with your planning at all. Do note though that this tip is not applicable to all. This tip will not work for you if you have special medical needs and uniquely personal preferences. 

Experts highly recommend this because it will lead you to destinations that you didn’t even know exist. Things will be felt more intensely as you will always be looking forward to what is next and what your options are. To do this, all you need is a free schedule and a booked plane ticket. Once in your destination, you can simply check-out hotels on-site and choose the one that you like. That simple! 

Be careful with the following though:

  • You will have a hard time looking for a beach hotel if it is the peak holiday season. You can always bring a tent as a backup plan.
  • You may end up sleeping in extremely expensive rooms as those are usually the ones left during peak season
  • Do not opt for this if you want a fully relaxing holiday with your kids or with your bride (a no, no, no for honeymooners)