Journey or Destination

A few Saturdays in the past, I experienced a grand experience hiking into the Grand Canyon. It is termed “Rim to River to Rim” hike. This entails hiking down South rim on South Kabib path, to Phantom Ranch, which is by the Colorado River, then back up Bright Angel path, which is continue to South Rim, but about 4 miles away from South Kabib trailhead. In preparing for this excursion, I had carried out various instruction hikes – very long and arduous, mimicking the past few of miles at the end of the Grand Canyon hike with a high elevation achieve at a steep grade. What I observed during these coaching hikes, as properly as through my hike into the Grand Canyon, is that hikers are inclined to huddle into a couple unique groups. Two most significant groups are what I phone the “journey people” and the “destination people”. The journey people are more fascinated in the journey of the hike, using their time to get to the close by taking loads of pictures, as nicely as breaks to consume, rehydrate, use the toilet, or just take off or put on added levels of outfits. Consolation and satisfaction are their targets. They tend to be the group in the rear. In contrast, the destination individuals want to get as a result of the hike as swiftly as feasible. They will acquire some pics but drive for the conclusion of the hike and generally forego some stops. Understandably, they are the swiftest group. There perhaps a 3rd team of people today, that paced in amongst the other two teams. They want to retain up with the desired destination individuals and are fueled by the panic that they will be the past to occur in, but at the identical time, they linger with the destination people, as well, to love the scenery. So, which team do you belong to, and does it make any difference?

Whole lot of information has surfaced in the latest many years, favoring the journey, telling us to just appreciate the process – whether or not one’s supreme purpose is occupation-linked or own. Tianna Zachariah of Tedxmilehigh writes, “We want so poorly to just be there that we ignore about what it feels like to be in this article…It’s the procedure that prepares us in all the correct approaches for the eyesight that we see obviously at the commencing of each and every good enterprise.” Similarly, Patrick Buggy of Conscious Ambition says that “longing for the vacation spot of whatever you are carrying out creates unhappiness and distress in the present.” He phone calls it the Veruca Salt syndrome, “when you permit the fact that you have not achieved your place however bring you down.” If you are acquainted with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you know Veruca was the girl who constantly wanted matters now, and would stomp her toes when she didn’t get her way.

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Having said that, other folks have a different viewpoint. CJ Faison wrote on his LinkedIn blog that those who I call the journey people today don’t have “concrete goals and ambitions”. He feels that “if you are not obsessed with your target, you will never achieve it.” In a Quora tread on this subject, Yogesh Jindal gives a equivalent view, stating that “when you get to your location, the worth of your journey will increase manyfold”. He feels that in the extensive run, it is only the vacation spot that is critical, stating that men and women only communicate about an Olympic gold medalist right after they won their race, and only discuss of a profitable businessman just after he has developed an empire. One more perspective is that both equally are similarly crucial. Devoid of the place, you never have a journey. When people today ask how your holiday went, you initial list your vacation spot, then you speak about the things that transpired. When individuals ask you what you do for a dwelling, you give them a title and a business initial, then go into details about what you actually do there.

So how did the distinct teams fare at our hike? The “destination people” got carried out rapid – at minimum 30% faster than the rear team and would have gotten finished more rapidly if they did not have to hold out an hour and a half for the other two teams at the meet-up level, Phantom Ranch. They did skip dipping their toes in the Colorado River, an encounter they would be not likely to knowledge again until they supposed to hike the trail a next time. Also, only a couple of the rapid hikers explored a nearby cave. One particular of the fastest hikers ended up with an excruciating cramp on the quite very last mile. The “journey people”, the rear group, took the longest time to get up the rim, heading on some side excursions along the way. They did not practical experience any injuries, but the size of the journey did weigh on some, resulting in even slower development at the finish. They also missed the sunset at the canyon rim as they ended up even now in the canyon. The “middle group” were being attempting to maintain up with the fastest. One particular of the hikers skilled indicators of oxygen deprivation because of to the rapid improve in altitude. They did explore the cave but skipped the river. Even so, they received to see the sunset as they built it back again up in time.

So, which camp are you in? Are you a location human being, or a journey person? Or, are you a center-of-the-road style, oscillating involving the two classes?

Effectively, in my impression, it truly does not subject. In the terms of the Tiny Dragon, it is “the company” that matters most.

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That held accurate for all three teams on the hike. We bonded within our individual teams in the course of the journey and celebrated as a crew at the desired destination. We all had entertaining and shared the knowledge with the people today who traveled along with us. So, whether or not you are concentrated purely on the spot, or hoping to appreciate the journey, appreciate the corporation that are with you, be it your household, your mates, or your colleagues. They went via the encounter with you. They shared your successes as effectively as every single failure and assisted you get back on your ft to consider once more. They shared your anxiety and your excitement. They inspired you along the way, and you inspired them way too, so that all of you could keep heading towards your place.

Curious to which team I hiked with? I was in the rear and the final a person out of the canyon in our group. I volunteered to be in the rear. Why? For just one factor, I needed to make sure that every hiker in our group designed it out of the canyon. For an additional, I knew I experienced the psychological toughness to deal with the prolonged-length hike, having hiked harder trails. I understood the previous number of miles would be tricky on some of our hikers, bodily and mentally. This was especially accurate when the sunlight went down, and the temperature dropped. I wished to be there to help them get to their objectives, to make it out of the canyon on their individual two toes, to be ready to say that they hiked just one of the hardest a single-working day hiking trail in US Nationwide Parks. To retain their intellect off the tricky trail, I produced discussions, sang (of course, terribly), played songs, encouraging them to hold heading. Which group do I belong to then? Talking with a number of of the HomeBased IWIN leaders on this topic, Mui Van Zandt commented that when she was young, she would be a lot more of a place man or woman. Now that she was more mature, she would be a journey particular person. I ponder if that was the exact same with me. My GC roommate, Maria, thought that I was much more of a journey human being, since I relished taking images and took my time to love the landscapes. For myself, I felt that I embodied each groups’ philosophies and nonetheless, neither. I wanted to hike the Grand Canyon and immersed in the beauty of nature, but the security of the group was more crucial to me than ending the trail at any particular speed (most likely mainly because we all have to finish the path to get out of there no subject what). So, that had fairly altered my objective for this hike. As pointed out earlier, these are the two typical groups, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a person or the other or even in the middle of the two. In hiking, we have a indicating, “hike your hike”. So, just be you in your journey to your vacation spot.

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