Statistics indicate that around 60% of Americans usually take one/two vacations each year domestically. It seems that the citizens of the United States are more interested in exploring our beautiful country and visiting some of the most fantastic tourist destinations here. So, which place should you visit for the next winter holiday your family is planning right now? 

Adventure-loving holiday-goers shouldn’t neglect the charm of the Great Smoky Mountains while wandering around the Tennessee countryside to escape their monotonous lifestyles. Well, Pigeon Forge appears to be the perfect choice for several tourists. This article will discuss some of the most exciting activities you must engage in after heading to Pigeon Forge today.

Ten things to do in Pigeon Forge

Even though barely 7,000 people reside permanently in Pigeon Forge, this town attracts millions of fun-seeking tourists annually. These tourists gather in Pigeon Forge to visit its unique attractions and explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Travel gurus suggest travelers visit Pigeon Forge and other cities such as Gatlinburg in spring or autumn. So, it would help if you packed your bags for embarking on a fantastic journey to the Little Pigeon River today. However, don’t forget to create a to-do list to ensure you’re ready for all the famous attractions this quaint little town offers. This article talks about some of these activities most adventurers prefer. Now, here’s what you should do for fun in this town:

  1. Dinner attractions

Pigeon Forge attracts millions of tourists because of its famous dinner shows. These stage shows are renowned for entertaining and exhilarating viewers of all ages. Visiting these attractions is one of the most fun things to do in Pigeon Forge when visiting the city. For instance, people attend Dolly Parton’s Stampede, among others. These stage shows offer you dinner and provide family-focused entertainment. So, book your tickets now.

  1. Cabins

Secondly, tourists shouldn’t forget to arrange their accommodations in Pigeon Forge. Renting an amazingly comfortable cabin here allows adventurers to view a starry sky every night while sipping coffee on their balconies. These cabins have several amenities, including pools, games, and well-furnished kitchens. You can rent a cabin based on the number of people who have come to Pigeon Forge with you. Search online for some quality rentals and book one before coming here.

  1. The Island

Thirdly, visitors should visit the Island after reaching Pigeon Forge. This complex allows you to engage in different family-friendly entertainment activities. So, look at the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, a 200-foot-high wonder for visitors. Try those flying theaters to experience the sensation soaring above the earth in a realistic environment. There are many exciting rides for children too! Moreover, adults can hang near the Margaritaville when they are too exhausted to move further.

  1. Dollywood

Fourthly, any trip to Pigeon Forge won’t be complete without a pilgrimage to Dollywood. Some have named it Tennessee’s most-famous ticketed attraction. Named after our country’s beloved actress and a national treasure, Dollywood gets 3 million visitors annually. So, visit this famous theme park! 

  1. Scenic drives

The Great Smoky Mountains are ideal for scenic drives and other vehicular activities. It would help to drive across the National Park when an action-packed day has exhausted you. Rejuvenate yourself by going along all those natural attractions for which the place is well-known in the country today. They don’t charge you for entering the National Park. However, visitors should know if the authorities lay down any COVID-related guidelines. Otherwise, you’re free to explore.

  1. Moonshine

Tourists never leave Pigeon Forge without engaging in this can’t-miss activity. Even though Pigeon Forge’s moonshine does not come cheap, it’s worth the money you’ll spend on experiencing this to-die-for flavor. Visit the Barn to taste this mountain-made delicacy by paying $30. Moreover, talk to some locals, who can sneak you into hush-hush places where you will taste even better beverages than the traditional moonshine. So, remember to make friends with the residents there.

  1. Magic shows

It doesn’t matter how old you are right now. Attending these magic shows will mesmerize you while taking you into a world of wonder and imagination. Pigeon Forge is well-known for being the center of some of the most enthralling performances in America. Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge attract an audience thanks to their world-famous magic shows, headlined by the country’s famous magical beings. Get a chance to see Terry Evanswood in action live by attending Pigeon Forge magic shows.

  1. The Wax Museum

How can one visit Pigeon Forge and forget about sightseeing this beauty?! The Wax Museum allows you to marvel at the resemblance of some of the country’s most wanted celebrities. This two-story museum contains wax-made statues of popular actors and actresses. Originally located in Gatlinburg years ago, this museum was transferred to Pigeon Forge later. Since 2012, it has been showcasing a variety of statues of tourists. That’s why visiting this museum should be on your to-do list in 2022.

  1. The Titanic

The Titanic Museum reminds you of its ill-fated namesake. It allows you to board the likeness of an awesome-looking Titanic. This interactive experience begins with tourists receiving their tickets with the name of an original passenger written on them. You can read that ticket to learn what happened to that unfortunate individual while walking around this huge ship. Also, 400+ artifacts for display here have been taken directly from the titular vessel. Explore its cabins, parlors, and the Grand Staircase made even more beautiful by James Cameron’s Oscar-winning endeavor. Finish the tour by reading the names of all 2,208 people in the Memorial Room who perished in the sinking.

  1. Old Mill Square

The city got the name “Pigeon Forge” because of two reasons. The famous Little Pigeon River provided the first part of the name. There was an iron forge built in 1817 near the Mill, on the order of one Isaac Love, that offered the second part of the name. It would help if you visited this Mill to observe Pigeon Forge’s ancient history. Many visitors visit Old Mill Square, where there’s a distillery. Tourists can also hang out at Old Mill restaurants to eat their delicacies. 


Pigeon Forge has become popular for its several attractions among visitors. A fun-loving tourist should visit the Island and attend dinner shows for which Pigeon Forge is famous. Also, don’t forget to look inside the well-known Titanic Museum or hang around the world-famous Dollywood. The scenic drives are famous for their natural attraction and this city offers real comfy cabins where visitors can stay happily. The Old Mill Square has a lot of history to offer and you can thrive on the moonshine they make here. Your itinerary should include all our activities mentioned above when heading to this pretty town. 

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