Where to Stay In the Bahamas? The 4 Best Islands to Visit

Where is the best place to stay in the Bahamas? Well, that’s a tough question considering every island in the Bahamas is unique, which means when planning a trip to this piece of Paradise, you’ll want to know where you want to get out of your vacations.

However, hard does not mean impossible to answer. To understand this, we will first need to know more about the most popular islands of the Bahamas; an archipelago made up of 700+ islands and cays. Not all islands are habitable, making your decision somewhat easier.

New Providence is the “liveliest” spot in the Bahamas, where you can mix relaxing your beach days with a stroll through historic Downtown Nassau, enjoying its bars, clubs and restaurants later at night.

Paradise Island is one of the touristiest areas with a water park, perfect for families with children. For a more low-key beach vacation, venture to The Exumas, with its powdery white sand beaches and incredible blue waters.

Finally, surfers will love a laid-back stay in Eleuthera from October to April.

These are just four of the islands you can explore in the Bahamas, and help you choose the right destination, we’ve summarized the 4 best islands to visit in the Bahamas below.

New Providence (Nassau)

Nutshell: A New Providence is the most popular island in the Bahamas, as it is central to all Bahamians. From restaurants to bars, casinos to shops, in Nassau, everything that you need will be at your fingertips and easily access other islands, if you want to explore.

Out-Islands: Most international flights arrive in Nassau/New Providence, which happens to be the commercial and political center of the Bahamas. It is the busiest island, connected by a bridge to Paradise. The term “Out-Islands” is basically used to sum up, all the other islands in the Bahamas. These islands are generally less populated and more discreet. Some of the most popular islands in the Bahamas include Exuma, Eleuthera, Abaco, and Long Island.

The Bahamas Islands have long been associated with a territory where the rich and famous gamble, spend their summers, and bank. The focal point of these islands is the island of New Providence, home to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. So whether you want to spend time relaxing on the beach, exploring historic downtown, shopping, or enjoying the vibrant nightlife with stops at the casino, Nassau is one of the most popular islands to stay in the Bahamas.

Top points of interest in New Providence: Cable Beach and some other great Nassau beaches, Clifton Heritage Park, Rum Cake Factory, Pirate Republic Brewery, Historic Downtown Nassau, Fort Charlotte, and Queen’s Staircase.

Paradise Island

Paradise Island is ideal for families with children. He’s the poster child of the Bahamas. Two bridges connect Paradise Island to Nassau, but you will have almost everything you need on the island. In addition, many hotels in the Bahamas are located on Paradise Island, so you will have no trouble finding a good place to stay.

Paradise Island is a 15-minute drive from historic downtown Nassau in New Providence and a 30-minute drive from the airport.

As its name suggests, Paradise Island is just that. The island is popular among families with children and has served as the backdrop for several Hollywood blockbusters, including the James Bond film Casino Royale, starring Daniel Craig. You’ll find plenty of options for places to stay for travelers of all ages, especially in the western and northern parts of it. If you are traveling with children, the water park on this island will keep them entertained, while adults can try their luck in the local casinos or discover the many local bars and restaurants. As this is one of the more touristy areas of the Bahamas, expect crowds and higher prices.

Top Points of Interest on Paradise Island: Cabbage Beach, Aqua venture Water Park, ‘And Versailles Gardens of Paradise Island.

Harbor Island

Harbor Island in a nutshell: Home to the most famous pink sand beach in the Bahamas, Harbor Island is a must for travelers looking for a (long) weekend in the Bahamas. There’s a certain charm to the beaches found here that you probably wouldn’t experience anywhere else, and the quaint atmosphere of this island is sure to win you over. Harbor Island visitors and residents use golf carts to get around this small island. Instead of cars.

Harbor Island is in the Eleuthero chain of islands but deserves a separate mention. Promotions on Harbor Island tend to focus on the island’s pink sand beaches. Yet, with all its understated charm, small and quaint Harbor Island is perfect for romantic honeymoon getaways or casual sightseeing. It’s three miles long and is marked by Georgian architecture, a super laid-back atmosphere, and seemingly untouched natural elements. However, Harbor Island deserves a (long) weekend getaway; most visitors spend the day at Harbor Island rather than their entire vacation. One Day trips are available from Nassau and Paradise Island via a fast ferry. The main points of interest on Harbor Island are Dunmore Town, Pink Sands Beach, and Bay Street.

Long Island

Long Island in the United States, Long Island in the Bahamas is an ideal getaway for lovers of nature, adventure and the outdoors. It a home to one of the deepest blue holes in the world.

Visit a different beach every day of the week if you like Long Island, or spend your day sailing and fishing, or just exploring this pristine island, the largest of the islands in the Bahamas. Long Island is ideal for travelers seeking peace and quiet or those wishing to experience some of the best diving the Bahamas offers. One of the world’s deepest blue holes in the world, Dean’s Blue Hole, is located just off Long Island, and visitors are free to snorkel or scuba dive there. In addition, eco-tours are popular on this island, and you won’t have trouble finding one. Sport fishing enthusiasts can also expect good things when visiting Long Island, as fishing is very popular here.

Are you looking for peace and quiet? The Bahamas Vacation are full of totally unsuspected places. So, wherever you go, tune into “island time” and relax on the most beautiful beaches in this corner of paradise.  The Bahamas are the ideal destination to relax and recharge your batteries.

Have a good trip!