When To Visit Sikkim In Order To See The Most Stunning Parts Of This State

Knowing when to visit Sikkim (and the surrounding region) is the key to appreciating all of its beauty and culture.

Located in northeast India is the state of Sikkim, the state shares borders with Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. Sikkim is known for its beautiful landscapes as well as tall mountains. Sikkim houses India’s tallest mountain the Kangchenjunga which stands at a height of 8,586 meters. Nature makes its presence know by the glaciers, alpine meadows, and the wide array of wildflowers present in Sikkim. Sikkim is a beautiful place and definitely worth visiting. However, the time to visit is as important as the visit itself.

Why Visit Sikkim?

This is on the grounds that states located in the northeast piece of India are known for their unrivaled natural excellence and chances for some adventure. What’s more, Sikkim is perhaps the most renowned tourist attraction in northeast India. This place is notable for its brilliant natural magnificence and sensational scenes and landscapes. A great many people profit from a Sikkim visit just for an experience of the appeal of the brilliant flowers and also the tranquility of Buddhist monasteries located on the hilltops like Pemayangtse. Below are the most beautiful places in Sikkim and when you should visit.


Gangtok is one of the most beautiful places in Sikkim and throughout India. A visit to Gangtok without a camera would easily be considered a loss as it is a very picturesque place. Gangtok is located in the center of the Himalayan range. The topography of this beauty puts it on the tourism map despite Gangtok being the least inhabited area throughout India. It is also the smallest state in India, other than Gao. The terrain of Gangtok is indeed what sells it. The state of Gangtok dates back to 1716, at least that’s when records concerning the state began to be kept. The state is home to the hermetic Gangtok monastery which was built in the same year, 1716. In the year 1840, the Enchey Monastery was built and since then Gangtok became a critical center for pilgrimage. Gangtok became the capital of Sikkim in the 19th century.

When To Visit Gangtok

To experience Gangtok in all its beauty and glory, the best time to visit this city would be in spring, precisely from March to May.

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Pemayangtse is a calm, serene place that anyone looking for a clear head should visit. Pemayangtse is also home to one of the oldest Buddhist Monasteries throughout Sikkim. The Monastery stands tall above sea level at a height of 6,500 feet. Not only does Pemayangtse offer some peace and quiet, but visitors can also explore the monastery which offers a breathtaking view of the landscape and mountains all around. A trip to Pemayangtse also has a way of bringing visitors closer to the culture of the locals.

When To Visit Pemayangtse

The best time or season to pay a visit to Pemayangtse or its monastery is from March to June

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Located at a height of 3,000 to 20,000 feet, the Lepchas of Dzongu is occupied by the original locals of Sikkim. It houses the Khangchendzonga National Park along with some rather intimidating mountains. Dzongu is separated into two parts, the upper Dzongu and lower Dzongu respectively. The true culture of the people of Sikkim can be found here in all its beauty because this area is somewhat isolated by implication of the people. Dzongu is a beautiful place and is definitely worth the visit.

When To Visit Dzongu

For the ultimate Dzongu experience, the best time to visit this beautiful place is from February through March and September through October respectively.

Yumthang Valley

A visit to Sikkim isn’t complete without one to Yumthang Valley. The Yumthang Valley is located in northern Sikkim and could be tagged a paradise on earth. Nature is the architect of this place as it houses so much of its beauty. It is the perfect spot for a picture as its environment is simply breathtaking. From zillion flowers to tall majestic mountains the Yumthang Valley is a tourist dream. The Yumthang Valley is gentle in all its beauty as it has a serene river. The Yumthang Valley is also nicknamed the “Valley of Flowers.” The Yumthang Valley is at a height of 3,564 meters. Just like Karlovy Vary, the Yumthang Valley also has multiple natural hot springs with a wide array of flower species that will keep you looking for more. The Yumthang Valley or Vally of Flowers could easily be tagged the most beautiful place throughout Sikkim.

When To Visit Yumthang Valley

To see the Yumthang Valley in its complete beauty, the best time to make your trip will be from February through June as that’s when the flowers bloom fully.

Sikkim is one of many naturally beautiful places throughout India and is definitely worth paying a visit as you gather beautiful memories with friends and family while in Sikkim. So pack your bags and head straight for a relaxing vacation in Sikkim during the pinnacle of each attraction’s beauty.

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