What to Do with Kids in Cincinnati

Cincinnati may not be known as a kid capital for fun: but it has tons of entertainment and excitement spread through it!  From the most famous amusement park on Earth to some of the most incredible museums and parks you’ll find in the country, this is a fantastic place for any family to get away for a while.

These are the top things to do while in town with your kids!

Visit the Newport Aquarium

If you want to wow your kids, take them to the Newport Aquarium!  This aquarium offers everything from hands-on exhibits to a tunnel where you can walk beneath countless sea life species!  It’s breathtaking and will help your kids learn more about the world around them.

Check Out the Cincinnati Art Museum

Home to nearly 70,000 different works, the Cincinnati Art Museum offers everyone a chance to get to know the world and the indigenous people who called this area home long before the average American did.  This is a fantastic museum to go through if you want to learn about where art inspiration came from around the world while viewing some of the most beautiful pieces out there.  

Have Fun at Coney Island Park

Coney Island Park is the most famous amusement park in America!  Not only can you enjoy the water views near the Ohio River, but you and your kids can enjoy some of the park rides and excitement that’s been here for years.  Although the park has been through many different lifetimes and has changed a lot since it first opened, it still has a lot of excitement in it for someone of any age.  

This historic park has been open for 150 years now, so visit while you’re looking at Cincinnati houses for sale and become a part of that history!

Enjoy the Zoo and Botanical Garden

If your kids want to see wildlife and learn about everything from Saharan lions to sea lions, they’ll love getting to see everything at the Cincinnati Zoo!  Beyond these walls, the botanical garden ensures everyone can walk around and get out extra energy while viewing some of the most beautiful plants in the country.  This zoo is home to the last known passenger pigeon and the last Carolina parakeet; meaning visiting can let you see a piece of history and nature before it possibly fades for good.

Venture into the American Sign Museum

A sign museum might not sound thrilling, but it’s an awesome way to enjoy getting to see the history of neon signs.  These dazzlingly bright signs are eye-catching to someone of any age; even if your kids can’t read well yet, they’ll love getting to see all of the different designs and shapes.  

This is an exciting museum that gives you the chance to make memories and learn about the history of signs as you go.

There’s No End to The Things You Can Do Here!

Although there’s something new on every street in Cincinnati, consider trying some of these attractions with your kids soon.  Not only will they have fun, but they may also learn something along the way!