What to do in Marbella

15 Best Things to Do in Marbella (Spain) - The Crazy Tourist

Marbella is a beautiful coastal town in the south of Spain, famous for its glamorous lifestyle, stunning beaches, and upscale amenities. If you are planning a trip to Marbella, you are in for a treat. With so much to see and do, you’ll be spoilt for choice. What to do in Marbella? In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the top things to do in Marbella.

  1. Visit Puerto Banús

Puerto Banús is Marbella’s luxurious marina that boasts some of the world’s most luxurious yachts, boutiques, and restaurants. The marina is lined with expensive cars, designer shops, and high-end restaurants, making it the perfect place to indulge in a little luxury. You can also take a stroll along the harbor and admire the yachts or sit in one of the cafes and watch the world go by.

  1. Spend a day at the Beach

Marbella is home to some of the best beaches in Spain. Whether you are looking for a peaceful and secluded beach or a lively and bustling one, Marbella has it all. Some of the most popular beaches include Playa de la Fontanilla, Playa de Nagueles, and Puerto Banús. You can sunbathe, swim in the clear waters or indulge in some water sports like windsurfing or jet-skiing.

  1. Explore the Old Town

The old town of Marbella is a charming and picturesque area that is well worth a visit. You can stroll through the narrow streets, admire the traditional Andalusian architecture, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. The old town is home to many boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants, so you can indulge in some shopping and dining while taking in the beautiful surroundings.

  1. Visit the Bonsai Museum

The Bonsai Museum is a unique attraction that features a collection of more than 300 bonsai trees from around the world. The museum is located in a beautiful park, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon. You can admire the intricate bonsai trees, learn about their history and cultivation, and even take a guided tour.

  1. Take a Trip to Ronda

Ronda is a picturesque town located just a short drive from Marbella. The town is perched on a cliff and features stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Some of the top attractions in Ronda include the Puente Nuevo bridge, the Plaza de Toros bullring, and the beautiful gardens of the Palacio de Mondragon. You can also explore the charming old town, with its narrow streets and white-washed buildings.

  1. Enjoy the Nightlife

Marbella is famous for its vibrant and glamorous nightlife. The town is home to many nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, so you can enjoy a night out on the town. Puerto Banús is one of the most popular areas for nightlife, with many bars and clubs that stay open until the early hours of the morning.

In conclusion, Marbella has something to offer everyone, whether you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday, a cultural experience, or a lively night out. With its beautiful beaches, luxurious marina, charming old town, and unique attractions, Marbella is an excellent destination for a holiday. So, pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready to experience the best of Marbella.

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