Visit to Baratang Island Andaman

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Baratang is well-known for its scenic beauty, which ranges from spectacular Limestone Caves to lush mangrove streams. There are tidal swamp woods and Mud Volcanoes, which are modest yet interesting. It is the first entrance north of the capital city, lying between the Middle and Southern Andaman Islands. 

Because of its proximity to Port Blair (around 100 kilometres), it is a famous one-day vacation destination, particularly for visitors with a limited period. Those who remain for a night or two will be greeted with pristine beaches, fascinating bird-watching chances, a remote way of life, adventurous mangrove boat trips, and an abundance of affordable authentic Indian meals. 

The island is home to the Jarawa tribe which is amongst the most historic communities still existing. Unlike Havelock Island, Baratang Island is still in its early stages of development. One should not expect a significant tourist attraction. As it doesn’t house lodging and sporting facilities.

Reaching Batarang Island 

If you want to get to Baratang at a cost-friendly expense, using a public bus from Port Blair is your best chance. Or Hiring a personal vehicle/car or a commercial AC bus is the best and most convenient method to go to Baratang. 

Motorcycles are not permitted to drive all the way to Baratang. You must drive over the ‘Andaman Trunk Road’ (ATR) in a convoy with one short automotive link between the islands. This is a four-hour rocky voyage, but the beautiful woods and azure waterways may keep you entertained.

Movement in the Batarang Island 

Government buses can carry you to the Mud Volcano and the picturesque Baludera Beach. Don’t forget to know the timings and schedule of the bus or can ask for the driver’s contact number. 

But Most visitors to Baratang visit in private taxis or cabs hired from Port Blair. Travelling in Baratang can be accomplished in the following ways:

  • Private Jeeps
  • Government Bus
  • Booked Cars  

As mentioned earlier no two-wheeler is allowed on the island hence no rental services at all.

Famous activities in Batarang 

The events that come with visiting and seeing the island are some of the major tourist highlights on Baratang Island. Baratang Island includes activities for people of all ages, from trekking through the dense mangrove ecosystem and planes to boating from the jetties. But the core activity here is exploring nature’s art forms i.e. caves and volcanoes.

The main attraction within Batarang Island 

  • The Mud Volcanoes 

If you’re looking for things to do on Baratang Island, go no further than the notorious mud volcanoes. These little craters are formed by the breakdown of organic stuff, which releases natural gas. This gas pulls the mud higher, resulting in the bubbling craters. The mud volcanoes are reached through a modest jetty ride followed by a leisurely 160-meter walk.

Mud volcanoes are hardly the most spectacular sight in the world, but they are quite rare. However, Andaman is among the few areas in the world where these Volcanoes can be found, therefore you should pay it a visit.

In the Andaman group of islands, 11 mud volcanoes have been documented, with eight of them found in Baratang and Mid Andaman. The remaining three can be found in North Andaman. There is no such special permission is required but you have to keep up with the jetty timings.

  • Limestone Caves- Geological Art

At the Nilambur jetty, you can simply board a boat that will transport you to the famed caverns. On the route, you may see the gorgeous shoreline covered in mangrove trees and even travel through mangrove-covered canals, which add to the excitement of the journey. Once you get to Nayadera’s wooden jetty, you’ll have to trek down for around 1.2 kilometres to see this natural wonder.

The island is well-known for its limestones, which produce unique structures and strata either above or below ground. The cave walls are adorned with gigantic formations that dangle from the roof like chandeliers. Water is continually dripping from the roof, shining and glowing the stalactites and stalagmites.

  • Parrot Island- Chirping and humming 

Parrot Island is indeed a flat land in Baratang that is adorned with beautiful green plants and mangroves. As the sun begins to drop, a great number of parrots can be seen returning to their nesting in the trees. Though the experience is amazing, one must spend the night in Baratang to really appreciate it.

The sight of hundreds of parrots heading home before nightfall attracts nature enthusiasts to Parrot Island. Visiting this little island is an intriguing excursion that includes bird observation, boat trips, and a stunning sunset.

  • Baludera Beach- Calm and quite  

Baludera Beach, located on the eastern side of Batarang Island, 9 kilometres from the Nilambur jetty, is an undeveloped and yet to be discovered strip of land that draws travellers from all over the world. This beautiful and calm beach is one of the best spots to visit in Baratang if you want to get away from the everyday rush and clamour of city life.

Note- Please keep in mind 

One thing to keep in mind is that there are a few Jarawas along the road. The ATR goes through the forest, which is home to the native Jarawa tribe, and many tribals people just wait on the sides of the road to cross. Engaging with them, bringing them food or presents, or even taking photographs of them is not permitted. For the same, one can be punished and detained.

Hotels and restaurants 

Around the Nilambur jetty, there are a few food vendors and small cafes that serve mostly South Indian and Bengali foods. Almost every street corner sells drinks, snacks, and tea. There is no lodging facility as such except for a government rest house often preoccupied with officials.