Rocky Mountaineer Scenic Train from Salt Lake City to Denver and More

Have you ever wanted to explore the United States but felt exhausted just thinking of the sheer amount of driving it would require? Add to that the cost of fuel and parking passes, and the stress of figuring out the right directions, and that fun exploration becomes a daunting task. The Southwest US is a beautiful swath of landscapes that no one should live without seeing but there are obstacles that cause many people to second guess their desire to go. 

Believe it or not, a train ride can solve most of these issues. There’s no stopping for fuel, getting lost, or waiting for traffic on a train. Take a train for vacation instead of a car and witness sights you won’t ever get to see while driving a car. Many canyons only have river or railroad access, making them an exclusive sight not everyone gets to witness. Take a train from Salt Lake City to Denver or from Denver to Moab and sit back, relax, and soak in the natural beauty of the world around you.  Let’s take a look at some of the different scenic tours you can take to discover the wonder of the Southwest United States. 

Salt Lake City to Denver

This five-to-six-day journey is a beautiful exploration of the canyons, valleys, and other extraordinary landscapes found between Salt Lake City, Utah, and Denver, Colorado. The adventure begins with an overnight in Salt Lake before transferring to Moab, where you meet your train. After a night in the lovely town with a number of diverse food and activity options, passengers are finally able to board their train. The train snakes past wildlife and landscape most people won’t see in their everyday lives, before pulling into Glenwood Springs for the night. Glenwood is most famous for its natural hot springs, so don’t miss out on those while you are there! For the final leg of the journey, the train winds past the continental divide on its way to Denver. This trip is a whirlwind of sights that you are sure to never forget. 

Unique Sights Found Between Salt Lake and Moab:

Within Salt Lake City, there are several beautiful man-made sights such as the Salt Lake City Tabernacle, the Salt Lake, Utah Temple, and Temple Square, as well as the Natural History Museum of Utah. Click here to learn more about things to do in Salt Lake City.

On the Road between Salt Lake City and Moab, there are many, many sights to see. Most notable are the Bridal Falls, Black Dragon Canyon View point, and Crystal Geyser. A few well-known stone arches are found in the trek between Salt Lake and Moab as well including the Devil’s Garden Trailhead and the Landscape arch. 

Denver to Moab

This journey can take anywhere from four to six days depending on how long you want to linger in each place. Passengers arrive in Denver and stay the night before boarding a train that will take them past Gross Reservoir Dam and the Continental Divide. The train will follow the Colorado River through several breathtaking canyons before stopping in Glenwood Springs for the night. While this town is known for its hot springs, there are many other places to visit and things to see, so don’t forget the check them out. The next morning begins the final leg of the journey to Moab. Enjoy the mountains and natural stone arches as you pass by each of nature’s wonders. Arriving in Moab, passengers will discover many different options for cuisine and outdoor adventuring. 

Unique Sights Between Denver and Moab:

While Denver and Moab are both sights to see, there are many unique landscape features that are important to see as you pass by. Keep an eye out for the 340-foot-high walls of Gross Reservoir Dam, you might even see the ongoing construction as the state seeks to enlarge the infrastructure. Right around the dam is the Continental Divide. 

Other things to look for are Mount Garfield, named after President Garfield, and Mount Peale, the tallest peak of the Le Sal Mountain range. Passengers will also be treated to the impressive twenty-five-mile-long Ruby Canyon. Last but not least, right before Moab is a peek at the Arches National Park. Visit to discover the best ways to plan your trip to see the Arches. 

Denver to Las Vegas

Depending on what trip you book, the trip from Denver to Las Vegas can take anywhere from five days to nine days. This journey also begins in Denver, with the option to take a day to explore the city and enjoy all the sights before spending the night and starting off on the train the next day. The train takes the usual path from Denver to Glenwood Springs to Moab, only changing when it is time to disembark the train for the last time. After a night in Moab, Passengers get a guided motorcoach tour on the way to Bryce Canyon National Park. After spending the night in Bryce Canyon, the final leg of the journey takes passengers to Las Vegas. 

Unique Sights Between Moab and Las Vegas:

The trip from Moab to Las Vegas is a visual explosion of natural landscapes and endless beauty. Don’t miss out on Dead Horse Point or Canyonlands National Park while staying in Moab. On the way to Vegas, passengers are treated to the Grand Staircase, Escalante National Monument, and the Capitol Reef National Park, all before even reaching Bryce.

After Bruce Canyon is a stop at the towering red stone mountains and canyons of Zion National Park. Take hikes to explore the inspiring landscapes and walk the paths that our pioneer and native ancestors walked. Learn more at the Zion National Park Visitor’s Bureau. 

No matter which tour you choose, you are sure to be swept away by the awe-inspiring sights of nature’s ever changing, towering beauty. Each adventure is chock full of unique landscapes and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Experience it the best way with a train ride.