The Ultimate guide to the perfect staycation

The Ultimate guide to the perfect staycation – Mountain Inn

Crazy isn’t it? How the world seems to have come to a standstill. It’s like we went to bed one night and woke up in our currently reality. Which we actually did. Every day we see headlines, articles, memes and all sorts of posts about the virus that has changed our lives. I’m sure your travel plans have been halted too and bucket lists scrapped off until further notice. However, we don’t think it’s all doom and gloom. If anything, we believe now is the perfect time to look into planning a staycation. For those not in the know (And honestly, we have no idea how) a staycation is simply a vacation spent in your home country than abroad. This should inspire some excitement because we believe there’s so much to still do in Eswatini, even during a time as chaotic as this. This is our bite-size guide to planning the ultimate staycation.

Pick a great hotel

We’re straight up going to be a little bias here and recommend ourselves. We are a 58-unit hide-out that sits overlooking the grand Ezulwini Valley. It might be autumn but our poolside still makes for the most Instagram worthy memories. Just imagine you laying by the pool and one of our friendly waiters making a stop-over every hour with a cocktail or two. Or better yet, picture you dining in our wine cellar styled restaurant or out on our patio, soaking in the last bit of light at sunset. Pick between a north, poolside or south wing room. The latter comes highly recommended then waking up to a continental styled buffet breakfast. To combat the virus, our hotel has installed sanitizers, making sure that our guest’s peace of mind is at the forefront.

Plan your itinerary

Social distancing is a big consideration now when planning your day, so it’s important to pick places that aren’t crowded, busy or may have you feeling exposed. Our country has only one Coronavirus patient at the moment but we’re all doing our bit to make sure it stays that way. We suggest a fun activity outdoors, away from the city. Hike our historic Execution Rock or attempt to conquer gruesome Sibebe. Our hotel has lovely walking trails too if you’re looking to not stray too far from the neighborhood.  Get closer to nature!

Make it a family holiday

With schools closed and nothing much for the little ones to do, this is the perfect opportunity to fit in some family time. Mountain Inn is all about that and our family rooms can accommodate those of up to five members maximum. Our South Wing executive rooms also have an adjoining feature which allows you and your loved ones to feel closer to each other while in separate units. (Yes, mom and dad) Let them play mini golf by the lawn while you engage in a game of giant chess or better yet; who’s up for some Marco Polo in the pool?

Go off the grid

Okay, Kinda. We know how much you struggle to stay off social media. However, just this once, with all the panic and negativity there is on the digital streets, maybe going off the grid might be therapeutic. For those who might not be able to though, our WIFI is available for you.

Of all these tips, the greatest one we can give you is to enjoy yourself. The world surely is a crazy place lately but theres still some bit of good happening too. Focus on that. Stay safe and most importantly, stay wanderlust bitten.

We can’t wait to meet you.

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