Camping in Kananaskis is one of the great pleasures of summer in Alberta. Camping is a great way to enjoy a nature fix and step back from the hectic pace of normal life. It allows families and friends to reconnect and make new memories. Many campsite locations in Kananaskis offer […]

Techie by day, mountain enthusiast also by day, David Lindahl never set out to be the president of a fan club. But that’s where he seems to have wound up, thanks to his enthusiastic boosterism surrounding Mount Rainier. Every day via social media, Lindahl’s Mt. Rainier Watch account answers the […]

Beautifully set in the north-western Czech Republic, the Bohemian Switzerland National Park is a marvel designed by mother nature. This breathtaking park spans 31 square miles and encompasses majestic rock villages, deep gorges, narrow river valleys, and dense forests. While exploring this vast wonderland through scenic hiking trails, you’ll also […]

DRAFI, Greece (AP) — Hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes late Tuesday as a wildfire threatened mountainside suburbs northeast of Athens. Firefighters battled through the night, struggling to contain the blaze which was being intensified by strong gusts of wind. The Fire Service said 15 planes and nine […]

Kati and I are drawn to National Parks close to the entire world.  No matter whether it is the Galapagos off the coastline of Ecuador or Yosemite in California, National Parks have constantly given us a feeling of one particular with mother nature and we marvel at the untouched wilderness.  […]