Spam is a bad word!

Spam is a bad word!

So you’ve created a fantastic email campaign, you’re offering unbeatable deals, showcasing your hotel or resort with stunning imagery and content and it’s now on its way to everyone in your database.

But what if it’s not reaching all inboxes? What’s stopping it? It’s our little enemy better known as SPAM, and as marketers it is our mission to avoid these spam filters the best we can. 

Would you believe there is an endless list of spam filter ‘trigger’ words out there? These can either be simple words, a combination of words or even symbols that will not allow your campaign to reach its destination. 

So, we have compiled a handy list of relevant words to avoid when writing your next campaign subject line:  

Now, we’re not saying that all these words will hit a spam filter, some might just be lucky enough to slip through the cracks. But, it would be wise to rethink your message before  sending it into cyberspace. 

Here’s another few helpful hints for a successful campaign subject line: 

– Don’t YELL. We realise it’s a SUPER AWESOME SPECIAL! But anything in capitals is sure to be scooped up by filters. 

– Try to avoid too many !!!!!!, reads ‘spam’ all over. 

– Phrases like ‘Save, Save, Save!!!!!’ or ‘HOT Specials, just for YOU!!!’, a classic combo of the above.

As scary as it may be now to create a subject line with the words and hints listed above in mind, don’t let it put you off getting your message across to your audience. Just be creative and cautious.

If you have any words or tips for avoiding spam filters, please share them with us, we’d love to hear them!

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