Mountain lion goes on the attack in front of hikers

A mountain lion on the trail stopped a group of hikers in its tracks at Big Bend National Park in Texas, but there wasn’t a hint of panic, even as the cougar readied to pounce.

Instead, Robert Turner started videotaping and the hikers continued their conversation, not bothering to lower their voices, as some commenters thought they should.

Seems that was okay with the mountain lion, though, as it appeared to be using the human voices to cover its presence from its prey.

“This is so cool, man,” Turner says in the video. “I’m not taking my eyes off this guy. He wants nothing to do with us…He’s getting ready to pounce.”

Seconds later, the cougar did pounce, and you can hear the result. It didn’t end well for the nearby deer.

The unique encounter occurred March 26 on the Pinnacles Trail between Juniper Flats and the Boulder Meadows campsites.

Some commenters on YouTube thought the hikers ought to have been quiet, thinking their noise was going to mess up the cougar’s hunt.

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“I’m surprised that the mountain lion was able to catch its prey with all the conversation taking place,” one wrote.

“He was very polite,” Turner wrote. “Thanked us afterwards for providing the distraction.”

Another commenter wrote that he had captured the hunt on video, as well. The Scenic Route has slow-motion action of the attack; you can find it at about the 16-minute mark.

Photos courtesy of Robert Turner.