Most Interesting Facts About Seoul


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One of the most important and beautiful cities of South Korea is undoubtedly Seoul. This city is one of the few cities that holds several world records.


One of the most significant advantages that are important for the rise of tourism is that it is easily accessible to visit around the world. This is especially true if you are from the United States because there are many airlines that take you there. 


If you are specifically from Toronto, the best choice for you is Cathay Pacific. You will arrive in an interesting country in no time.


While many think they know a lot about Seoul, there are still some interesting facts that many don’t. We will cover the most interesting, and you continue reading the article.

1. The city has the best internet on the planet


We all know how we feel when the internet lies to us, and we can’t watch our favorite series or movie or play some online games. This is very rare in Seoul because they have the best and fastest internet connection in the world.


It’s the perfect opportunity for tech enthusiasts to enjoy their work and surf the Internet. The city has also received recognition for having the best 4G internet network in the world, as well as the fastest.

2. The biggest Buddist University


In addition to all the interesting things, Seoul is the place where the most prominent Buddhist university in the world is located. Buddhism is something that is popular and widespread throughout the planet, but it could be said to be a significant part here.


Thousands of students enroll in the university each year to improve their skills and knowledge. It is so attractive that not only local students living in South Korea are enrolling at that university, but also students from all over the world. Many students have to move there permanently in order to graduate from that university.

3. Nightlife


Tourists visiting Seoul can only say words of praise for its nightlife. There you can find many restaurants, pubs, and cafes that are open all night. At any part of the night, you can go and have a drink and have fun.


Many therefore call it a city that never sleeps. Some even compare it to Las Vegas, but that’s a subjective thing. For many, this is the main reason why they stay in Seoul or visit it regularly every year.

4. Students can study in study rooms 24/7


The city of Seoul is not for nothing a town that is one of the most developed in the world. The reason is that a lot of time is spent on the learning and improving their students. Students can study 24/7 because they have study rooms that never close.


These study rooms have an excellent sound system and separate rooms for each student. If some students also need to study at night or simply concentrate better, then they can definitely do it in Seoul.

5. The Banpo Bridge


There is a bridge that is longer than 1000m and holds the Guinness World Record as the largest fountain bridge in the world. It is also considered one of the most photogenic bridges in the country.


Everyone who visits this bridge is amazed by its beauty. It is especially beautiful at night because it is decorated with lovely lamps to see the whole bridge and shine. Many tourists are surprised when they pass this bridge, and it is a tourist attraction that will be remembered forever.




These were the most interesting things that you can encounter when you decide to visit Seoul. Many people who hear about this unique bridge say that it is ten times better live than in the stories they have heard about it.


We assure you that you won’t regret your travel to this beautiful and unique destination; just make sure to see all these attractions.