Martin Resorts 2xed revenue in their first 6 months with Revinate

Martin Resorts 2xed revenue in their first 6 months with Revinate

The brand

Martin Resorts is a collection of 5 gorgeous hotels on the Central Coast of California. Like many hospitality groups, as the team leveraged technology to help grow revenue, they found themselves suffering from tool overload. As it turned out, the solutions had such a high degree of complexity that they were unable to use them efficiently. Digital Marketing Director Lindsey Roberts estimates that despite their best efforts, they were only utilizing 10% of their softwares’ capabilities because the systems were so difficult to use. As a result, they weren’t able to build the strategic digital journey needed to scale direct revenue. Thankfully, that changed with Revinate Marketing.

The challenge

With limited resources, efficiency was critical for Martin Resorts. They relied on Revinate to bring together guest data from disparate systems into a single database and leveraged Revinate’s Advanced Profile Synthesis to ensure their database was rid of duplicate profiles so that they could get a complete, single view of each guest. With that major hurdle complete, they could finally take a good look at their data, both at the property and brand level.

The solution

Lindsey started with  Revinate’s easy-to-use segmentation tool to begin truly understanding their guests. She could easily isolate guests by any attribute in the PMS, including top spenders and loyal guests. With a new luxury property opening, for example, Lindsey was easily able to target higher end clientele to visit the new property, driving highly profitable direct bookings. As a result of their newly clean data and segmentation strategies, Martin Resorts doubled their campaign revenue, going from 40k to 80k, in their first 6 months of using Revinate. 

The results

In addition to finally being able to develop personalized promotions based on guest segments, Lindsey could also fully automate guest journey communications, from booking to check-out, saving valuable time and resources. With email template tools baked into Revinate Marketing, she was also able to save $4k a month in design resources that were no longer necessary. More importantly, these emails provided the opportunity to drive direct upsell revenue and OTA winbacks, with no extra effort.

Today, with fewer tools, Martin Resorts’ marketing program is stronger than it has ever been. All the work is now done in-house, which is a source of pride for the brand, and possible because of how user-friendly Revinate is. Lindsey says, “Revinate was the solution for ridding our marketing techstack of complexity. Now we can can finally take full advantage of our marketing toolsand drive meaningful results.”

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