Kudos to the Creative Geniuses of these 4 Viral Campaigns

Kudos to the Creative Geniuses of these 4 Viral Campaigns


Viral marketing allows companies to better market their products by reaching consumers that ordinarily would not be targeted by its traditional marketing campaigns. This expanded reach allows the company to enter new markets and potentially expand its customer base. This approach can help in creating a lot of positive impact during promotional product launches or campaigns. It helps to get tremendous visibility, exposure, and better traffic which results in increased sales revenue. Creating successful viral campaigns is no easy feat; read more to learn about their excellent execution and what you can take from them.

Hyundai Collabs with BTS

Popular KPOP (Korean Pop) band BTS have exploded on social media within the last decade, easily having the largest fan base on every media platform imaginable. In an effort to share their message, Hyundai teamed up with BTS to produce a 60-second video ad that absolutely went viral with more than 105 million views on YouTube (one of the biggest counts of these recent viral marketing examples). Through this example of relationship marketing, BTS fans may now have a better awareness of the Hyundai brand in comparison to before the commercial aired, while Hyundai audiences may choose to listen to BTS’ songs or vote for them in award shows.

Zoom’s Background Contest

Zoom took off in popularity during the COVID-19 lockdown that made remote learning and working the norm. During that time, to capitalize on their popularity, Zoom started a virtual background contest in 2020 where they invited users to share the virtual backgrounds they made to use on Zoom calls on social media using the #MeetHappy hashtag. While it wasn’t the most viral campaign, it was done so to promote their hashtag, which is easily replicable for your business! Now Zoom uses #MeetHappy on many of its posts to help with brand awareness and announcements regarding the product and company.

Travis Scott Meal at McDonalds

McDonald’s is known for their meal deal specials and affordable prices, but in 2021, they branched out to try some influencer marketing featuring Travis Scott, who had just put out his new hit record. This meal took center stage on TikTok where users recorded themselves placing orders for the meal by playing the hit song “Sicko Mode” at drive-thru windows. As a direct result trend, many McDonald’s franchises couldn’t keep up with demand and McDonald’s quickly made the meal available only through the app. Months later, McDonald’s used all their new app members as the testers of their new rewards program.

Amazon Reposting User Generated Content

One of the best (and most cost-effective) ways to attempt virality is to share what your existing audience is saying about your business. Simply looking through your businesses reviews and comments could lead to anywhere from a weekly to monthly post about what exactly your audience is thinking about your business. Reposting reviews and comments on Instagram and other social networks can drive more traffic to your site and make people like your brand more. Plus, it increases interaction as more people will comment and review in hopes of being featured in the next social media post!

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