Japan preserves its legacy of traditional rice farming

Sep 05, 2021 10:28 IST

Chiba [Japan], September 5 (ANI): Rice remains a staple meals in Japan for in excess of 2,000 many years. The region makes nearly 8 million tons of rice every single 12 months with a intake of 55 kg per particular person.
Oyama Senmaida in Chiba Prefecture is a impressive rice industry terrace that could be conveniently accessed from Tokyo.
And just one of the greatest positive aspects of remaining a rice-loving place is that Japan has also a wonderful rice industry terrace identified as “Tanada” in various spots in the countryside from north to south.
Oyama Senmaida was acknowledged in 2002 as a “cultural landscape,” developed mutually by persons and character, when it was selected by Chiba Prefecture as a Prefectural Landmark.
“We make this rice fields terrace on the mountain and we get in touch with it “Senmaida” or “Tanada”. And ordinarily, farmers use river or lake h2o to irrigate the rice, but our terrace is specific for the reason that we depend only on rain to grow our rice, so we collect the rainwater and use it,” said 1 of the farmers.

The cultivation of the hillside of the mountainous locations was a common sight all through Japan, right until the late 1970s. On the other hand, thanks to the raise in the use of equipment and an ageing population of farmers, this wonderful landscape was swiftly disappeared.
But, in Kamogawa Town, the terraced rice paddy of Oyama Senmaida carries on to be cautiously managed and cultivated to this day and It has turn out to be a popular vacationer attraction.
“We introduced about 30 people, and we arrived below for the reason that it is a well known vacationer location in Chiba prefecture and for the duration of the corona scenario, it is a fantastic location for an outdoor check out, also in this period we can see the newly planted rice,” said Vacationer Corporation Workers.
Now, Oyama Senmaida subject is managed by the “proprietor process,” which performs to lead toward community revitalization by serving to to preserve stunning landscapes and provide a location for city citizens to try farming.
“Proprietor Procedure” is a land adopting procedure so everyone can adopt a compact plot of land and experience rice planting to start with-hand. This software is created for any person, such as metropolitan spot resident, who is looking for a split from the hectic existence in the huge town.
The area farmer provides constant supervision about rice harvest. At the conclude of the period, 40 kilograms of rice is supplied to the field’s proprietor.
The rice field terrace of the Oyama Senmaida is a terrific case in point of the beautiful picture of a Japanese farming village. (ANI)