Is This The Best Daily Backpack For Working Professionals I’ve Found?

Is This The Best Daily Backpack For Working Professionals?


I used this backpack a few short work trips, where I didn’t just carry my electronic equipment such as my laptop and camera in the backpack, but also my spare clothing, towel and toiletries. I am happy to say that there weren’t any nasty SMELLS coming from the bag afterwards!

Apart from that, I did sense that this backpack is perhaps not quite meant to be taken on an overnight trip and pack it with a lot of stuff, but it would perform much better if you just use it as a daily work / commuting backpack or have a separate bag with you for clothing and toiletries if using it on overnight or multiple day trips.

You can tell from all the smart organization and pockets on the inside of the bag that it’s designed to keep mostly work-related gear and gadgets secured.

For example, there is a dedicated and cushioned pocket to hold a 15 inch laptop (max. 15 x 10.3 x 1.1 inches / 38.1 x 26.16 x 2.79 cm) and 10 inch tablet.

I’m assuming because of the weight of and ease of access to your laptop, the backpack was designed for this pocket to open flat on a table, which is very convenient. What is confusing though is that the laptop and the main compartiment of the bag are on the same side at the back of the backpack. So when you go in to get your laptop, you also open the main compartment filled with the rest of your items.

To me, this wasn’t very practical. I like my laptop compartiment to be completely separate rom the rest of the bag, like they have designed it to be on their 35L backpack for example. And it also didn’t feel intuitive to have the main compartiment at the back of the luggage, as I kept thinking the back was facing the wrong way.

Other than this, the main compartiment does feature two great camera / camera lens pockets (on the photo below I stuffed my socks and a spare shirt in there – sorry!). There is also a zippered mesh pocket to hold small items that you need quick access to, which is all very convenient.

On the back of the back you can find two additional large zippered mesh pockets, as well as a document/paper sleeve that would also fit a large notebook and a place to hold some pens.

There is also an integrated USB charging port (battery not included) on the top of the bag* (ending in a cable which you can then connect to a powerbank), so you can keep your devices powered up.

While this is definitely a feature that makes it one of the best tech backpacks on the market, it’s not a feature I have personally used yet because I normally don’t charge on the road, but who knows, it might come in handy one day.

* From what I can see on the website, the USB port is located on the bottom of the bag in the latest model, which seems like a better spot when charging on-the-go since it’s easier to reach.

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