Insider Perspective: 12 Weird Stuff that You Will Encounter in Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is back this year! Are you ready for it? If you want to enjoy it to the hilt, then now is the best time to start planning and booking accommodations. It’s best to have a head start as Oktoberfest is visited by over 6 million people on an average! You wouldn’t want to run out of options and be all spontaneous with everything so it’s best to begin planning now. 

As part of your preparation, allow us to clue you in as to matters that you need to be aware of before even getting there. We talked to Oktoberfest insiders who have been to the festival numerous times and we asked them about things that most Oktoberfest goers – especially first-time visitors – don’t usually know. We want to go all out in helping you so we want to ensure that you get exclusive insider tips! Being aware of the following will help you to properly plan and fully enjoy your Oktoberfest getaway. Read on, take note, and book away! Prost!

1. On the duration of your Oktoberfest Holiday!

You would be surprised at how you actually end up overthinking the number of days you’d allocate for Oktoberfest! Most people assume that they at least need a week to enjoy the legendary festival but in truth, a three-day stay in Munich is more than enough. You need to know that it will be a solid three-day long of non-stop beer drinking so yes, a three-day holiday is more than enough. 

2. On the importance of rail pass!

You should always have your rail pass with you. You’d never know when you’d get randomly checked so it’s best to just always keep it in your pocket. Being checked and not having it with you will require you to pay a fine of 60 euros. To know more about do’s and don’ts like this, do check out Thirsty Swagman.

3. On fun clothing that you’d wear!

You’d have a grand time parting wearing traditional German clothes! You need to take note though that Germans take their culture seriously. Don’t even dare wear Halloween versions of traditional German clothes. You might end up like Paris Hilton who got banned forever from Oktoberfest for wearing a shiny version of the Bavarian Dirndl. 

4. On the lovely locals

Lovely and fun-loving Munich locals make Oktoberfest so much more fun! You’d love how you’d get to party with many so it’s best if you study a few German phrases!

5. On trying not to vomit

An Oktoberfest holiday will have you drinking delicious beer non-stop. Some may be cool and used to such while most will be feeling extremely sick! Don’t be surprised if you’d be spending much time trying to prevent yourself from vomiting on Munich streets. To avoid this though, do make an effort to eat before drinking and to duly drink moderately. 

6. On old German men

This is something that you need to be extra careful with. Old German men who’ve had far too much to drink can end up being too touchy. To avoid this, try your hardest to just stray away from them. 

7. On German women

German women can be tricky as well. They are very liberated and can be extremely aggressive when drunk. They don’t mince their intentions and they directly approach people that they fancy. Be familiar with this if you’re going with a boyfriend. It’s normal for German women to approach men effortlessly so please don’t ever feel like something is off if something like that happens.

8. On men who stand outside women’s bathrooms

This is something that women should be extra careful with. Some men in Oktoberfest have this thing where they stay outside women’s bathrooms and hit on everyone that gets in and out of the stalls. When you see this, please always feel free to report such to local authorities. Local authorities act swiftly and such men are always escorted out of tents immediately.

9. On how German beer is stronger than American beer

Yes, German beer is significantly stronger than American beer. Hence, you need to be careful when it comes to drinking because you will definitely get drunk faster during the holiday!

10. On your capacity to not eat or drink water all-day

You’d be amazed at how non-stop parties and drinking can lead you to not eat or drink water all day. This is normal festival behaviour but it’s not healthy at all. Hence, you should make an extra effort to always properly eat before partying. You should also always make it a point to drink enough water.

11. On losing people for hours

This is a point that you need to take note of if you’d be going with friends. You have to be ready to lose them during the festival. Such should not shock you as it’s the most natural thing that happens at a festival with over 6 million attendants. To make it easier for you though, make it a point to always appoint a designated meeting place with your friends at a given time. This way, you won’t have to worry at all and you can always be sure that you’d get to meet your group at a given time. You can also appoint a designated driver or sober leader who will watch out for others every night. 

12. On slamming your beer when you’re seen standing on top of a table

Yep, you read that right. Please know that should you ever reach a point where you find yourself standing on top of a table, people will actually notice and scream ‘Chug!’ at you. Such is a demand for you to finish your one-liter beer in one go. They would loudly cheer you on when you get to do so!