Influencer Marketing Benefits: How It Affects Your Business 


4 Benefits of Influencer Marketing and Influencer Outreach

Businesses may not be hesitant anymore about utilizing influencer marketing once they understand. In this era where technology and social media dominate most of our aspects of lives, this marketing strategy can be a potential one. Not only it is effective, but it can generate more adoption (and more awareness) when reaching out to the intended target market. 


The Main Advantages

When we are talking about influencer marketing benefits, there are actually many perks to enjoy from this marketing method. Aside from the fact that businesses can spot on their target market, the method can grow and change the business. 

  • It improves brand awareness. Target audiences using the social media will immediately know the brand, the benefits, the (background) story, and many offerings or service that a brand provides. It creates a direct interaction. This is another reason why businesses should create valuable or meaning content which enhances their presence in social media. 
  • It focuses on trust, which leads to authority building. Influencers have this strong and tight relationship with their followers or fans. The relationship itself is based on credibility and trust. Followers tend to ‘respect’ recommendations made by their idols. When a makeup artist uses and recommends a certain skincare product, for instance, the followers tend to follow suit immediately. It’s because they believe that this makeup artist is the expert in the field, so when he/she recommends a product for the skin, it seems valid and legit. In a way, these social influencers have a certain power over their followers, because they are able to form an opinion or affect decision
  • It helps businesses connect to a wider and bigger market. When a brand uses influencers, they won’t only reach their target market, but they can also expand the market to a bigger segment. For instance, a business may target gen Z as their consumers. But as they use influencers, it seems that millennials are also interested in the offer, making them ideal target market for the business. 


More (Hidden) Benefits

There are more benefits that businesses can enjoy from such marketing strategy. In some cases, these benefits aren’t directly visible, as they are somewhat more subtle in effect. 

  • It sets a hype trend. Influencers are often responsible for new movements due to the fact that they often start new ideas, brands, inspirations, and products – and they expose the audience to those ideas. A smart business would align their products or brand with such trendsetting influence, making them a pioneering (and inspiring) leader in the industry.
  • It drives conversions. Again, influencers have this special power that can affect or direct their followers to a service or a product. Most followers would look up to their idols for recommendations. Based on a research done by Digital Marketing Institute, around 49% of the consumers would depend and believe on the recommendations of the influencers, and they will imitate the usage. It will definitely lead to sales. 


In the end, there’s no harm in doing influencer marketing. In fact, implementing such a strategy would be a good and smart move to create a presence of a brand. More businesses should think about implementing such strategy now that they already know about influencer marketing benefits and how it can affect their businesses.