How to Create Epic Travel Videos with Your Phone 

Create EPIC TRAVEL VIDEOs with Phone - YouTube

Video is the fastest-growing medium on social media, and it accounts for more than 80% of all Internet traffic. You need to get in action if you want to boost your traffic and engagement! While this article is specifically about travel videos, you don’t need to be a traveler to create an epic travel video. You can use the same tips to make amazing videos of your favorite spots outside your town, exploring a new city, or even going on holiday! You might not be shooting live-action films with a production crew or filming a documentary, but there are still ways that you can create your own epic travel videos with an online video editor and just your phone. To create epic travel videos with just your phone, let’s begin by looking at the overall story of what makes a great video. Here are some tips for coming up with the best travel video ideas around:

Plan Ahead

Always prepare for your videos. You should always carry a small notebook or notepad to write down ideas for scenes, locations, and themes. If you have an idea for your video, jot it down! This way, you can keep track of all your thoughts and never hesitate about what to film at a shoot. You can also create an outline to know how long each scene should be or which shots are essential to include in each stage. You can plan accordingly with the video ideas you have in your head to find a fabulous location and create your best video! Moreover, if you know what you want to film beforehand, you can plan out the entire shoot. This will help you get more organized so that everything falls in place.  

Pick Your Location Wisely

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind about a good travel video – beautiful scenery? A funny quirk or two in the background? Maybe an action scene at the end! Getting that kind of footage can be a lot of work, especially if you are on a small budget. The best travel videos are original and unique, not just because of their scenery but because of the events and characters in the video. The landscape is actually a bonus – a fantastic venue is far more interesting than your backyard! The next time you want to film an excellent video, seek out locations with an event or a unique quirk that will really come out as your camera rolls, from a bustling street to a peaceful place with no one around. Be specific about what you want in your video so that you can research spots beforehand.

Check the Lights

Often, you don’t have to add much in lighting to get your base footage. Don’t be afraid to use natural lighting in your videos. Natural light can be pretty, and it’ll come out good enough if you are on a budget. Check out places like the beach or a park, especially during the summer. Some of these locations will have bright and beautiful lighting that you can use in your travel video!

Keep the Camera Steady

Camera shake is the #1 way to get a bad rating or an awful comment from people viewing your videos. The best tip for keeping your footage smooth and clear is always using two hands. Whether you’re on a tripod or not, you can’t let it shake no matter what type of camera you use! Sometimes shaky video is used intentionally to emphasize something (like a person’s hand holding the camera or a microphone bouncing around). Still, it just isn’t needed in your video most of the time.

Remember, taking great travel videos is about more than just creating epic shots – it’s about giving people an alternative perspective on how you live and what you think.

Get the Best Gear

Travel videos are no different from any other video, so you will need to find the best equipment to use, including an online video editor. Find out what you need beforehand and ensure that your equipment is reliable. Make sure that you have a steady tripod or the ability to lay flat on a surface. Always ensure that your camera can take the weather! If it’s too windy, cold, or rainy, it’ll be hard to hold the camera steady, and if it’s sunny, heat can make your foot run! 

Structure the Shoot

Once you’ve shot your footage, it’s time to start video editing. One of the most important things about travel videos is that they are supposed to be more than just a collection of scenes – they are supposed to tell a story. This means that your video needs to have a beginning, middle, and end; this goes for every scene in between. You should structure the scenes so that it’s easy for people to follow along because if we don’t know where we are or what happens next, we’ll stop watching! Once you have an idea of how many scenes you want in your video, sit down and write an outline of each scene.

Add Some Music and Sound Effects

Adding music to a video is a great way to set the mood and add emotional weight to your video. You can use any song that fits the theme of your video, whether it’s something that sounds upbeat or fun or something more thoughtful and emotional. There are countless songs out there for you to choose from. If you want more alternative ideas for sound effects, you can even look up some downloadable clips online. Most sites will let you download their clips in an MP3 format so that you can use them in your videos! When using downloaded clips, ensure they aren’t too loud or distracting because it could make the viewers agitated!

These are just a few tips that can help you with your travel videos. The important thing is to find out what kind of videos you want to create and learn how to make the best travel videos for your needs. Keep your goals in mind, think creatively, and have fun doing it! Now that you’ve seen all these great travel video ideas, it’s time to get out there and start creating some!