Five great adventure activities to do in Eswatini/Swaziland – Mountain Inn

Five great adventure activities to do in Eswatini/Swaziland – Mountain Inn

Summer is in full swing and you can feel the excitement of the holidays everywhere you go. From the cheerful staff at different hotspots to the smiling receptionists at our own hotel, eager to check you in at your new festive home. In what has been our most challenging year yet, and globally too, we are happy to finally be able to kick off our shoes and recline in the summer sun. If you’re planning a trip to Eswatini (Formerly known as Swaziland) here’s our quick guide to the best adventure activities to make for a memorable stay.

Enjoy a safari experience

This little kingdom, enclosed by sunny South Africa and vibrant Mozambique is a pristine pocket of wild adventures and the Safari experience is definitely one of them. Eswatini’s nature and game reserves are home to a vast number of wildlife including the sought after Big Five (Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard and buffalo) which can only however be seen at the Mkhaya Game reserve and the Hlane National Park. The much smaller and less predator animals can be found in the gorgeous Malolotja, Mbuluzi, Mlawula and Mlilwane reserves. Here, you can also spot stunning bird life, with the country having one of the highest bird populations in Africa. You’ll find it almost second nature to pull out your camera and snap the experience away.

Rhino trekking

Eswatini is one of the best places to see the fantastic beasts and there’s no better way to enjoy the experience than by trekking them on foot. As exhilarating as it sounds, it’s quite spectacular being able to walk alongside these gentle giants which happen to be much endangered. It’s also quite exciting to know that Eswatini is also the only place on this side of the world where one can see both the White and black Rhino and due to the country’s strict conservation rules, it is unknown the exact number of Rhino that can be found. So, if heart racing outdoor excursions are your thing, hop out of the 4 x 4 and get up close and personal with our African unicorns.


With Eswatini’s landscape being a jaw -dropping sight, camping is top tier and a definite must. This activity is great for families and couples, with a variety of unique locations providing a memorable opportunity to experience life in the wild. Sleep under the stars at Mlilwane or wake up to antelope grazing nearby your tent at Mlawula. There’s absolutely no big game so it’s a safe and fun activity.

White water rafting

This is sure to get the adrenaline junkies blood pumping. White water rafting makes for a real adventure in the great outdoors, ripping through wild waters and slipping through white surf. Rafting is available all year round, with tailored experiences designed to suit the level of competence and the varying seasons. Make a big splash this summer and book your adventure. The great part is that there’s a half day and full day option with a guide available to ensure that it is fun and safe.

Mountain biking

Explore the country on bike with this activity; cruising through rugged roads and climbing up scenic hills. An experienced local guide leads you through well marked trails that offer a cultural and safari blended outing. This trip sees you passing through Mlilwane, the stunning Ezulwini valley right through to Mantenga nature reserve, home to the beautiful falls and abundant birdlife. Everything you need in order to thoroughly enjoy this is provided, including safety gear and even a first aid kit.

See something you like? Scrapbook it and then plan the trip. This summer is for new experiences, making the most of every moment and ticking things off a bucket list because after the year we had, we all deserve it.

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