Fake plane tickets with etsy  vs Trixo which is better

Etsy sold thousands of fake plane ticket templates (PDF format for entertaining) 

Etsy is a global empire that opened and sells cool stuff such as clothes, home-made items and now also digital things like tickets. Yes they sell plane tickets that you can edit and use whenever you want. 

Etsy provides lots of digital goods such as fake tickets, itineraries, hotels and more.

But did you know?! Now they offer fake plane ticket templates. 

When you buy you get these super awesome templates on PDF format and can brag to your friends and spouse.

Photo img taken from etsy

What can I do with these flight  templates except bragging?

You can brag to anyone. Your friends, spouse and more with your PDF ticket.

It looks like the real one but does not work for purposes like proof of onward travel or visa application.

Just for bragging! 

The price of a fake ticket on etsy is only 5$ and you can feel like you have the real one.

Many people use it to achieve the low of attraction. If you feel like you really have it then you will have it in the future if you can have the feelings of having it now. 

Can you travel with Etsy fake tickets around the world?

No!  Because these tickets don’t have itinerary numbers and real time flights like a real ticket. These tickets are only for entertaining and not for real life reasons for adults such as getting proof of onward travel or getting a schengen visa.

This mostly for kids to brag to their friends or to feel good about themself. 

How I can get a ticket that is useful for me for more purposes? 

For this you need a reliable fake flight generator use site like trixo!  The site will provide you ticket with real times taken from Kiwi API 

The site has real data time of flights that go from point to point c.

For example if you go to colombia and you need proof of onward travel and want to go only on one-way ticket this site will help you.

The benefits of it is having a real fake itinerary number that can use for proof of onward travel. For an extended visa.

Many officers will ask to show a real ticket and this is the best way to get it cheap without pay.

Is trixo templates also for entertaining like Etsy?

Absolutely yes. Trixo is also for real life purposes and also for entertaining. The thing is that etsy ticket look a little bit better but they are not functional for real life purposes. 

Trixo vs etsy which one should I choose. 

It is very simple. If you want tickets only for entertaining purposes then go with etsy. They sell flawless tickets that make you love what you see and are good for kids or adults to brag off.

If you need a ticket for real life purposes such as getting your visa approved, proof of onward travel and so on and so on, trixo has been proven to help hundreds of customers in this regard and we have our personal recommendation to use it.z

Before you make the final decision and choose which ticket you want we show you a couple of examples how both of them look ok? As such you make a better decision if beauty is what matters for you.

Here example of ticket from trixo: 

Here example ticket from Etsy: