Exciting things to see and do in Eswatini – Mountain Inn

Exciting things to see and do in Eswatini – Mountain Inn

With the crazy events going on around the world, it’s almost easy to lose your head and miss out on the simple moments. But, not to fret when we’re here. Life is meant to be lived- restricted travel, chaotic world or not. So, we’ve compiled this blog post of 3 exciting activities to do in Eswatini that are both safe and memorable.

Country drive

Sibebe Rock from MR3 by Mainstream_main

Lowveld sunset by Mainstream_main

If you’re working from home (or the hotel) and have about half a day to spare, then yes please! Or better, making time during the weekend for a nice, quiet morning drive, yes please! There’s no specific time to allow yourself to absorb the beauty that surrounds Eswatini.

Making your way from the MR3, into the MR1, (The highways that link the Valley, Mbabane and the North West of the country), this route will give you majestic mountains and scenic scenery. A straight drive from Motjane up through Maguga can lead you towards Mhlume- the lowveld of the country. Think Acacia trees, the occasional Impala and maybe a boat cruise at Sand River dam.

If you’ve opted for the Southern drive, the vast open experience should leave you feeling warmer regardless of the time of year. Taking to Malkerns’ sides will showcase an array of fruit plantations while the Big Bend area shows off its sugar cane fields and local terrain.

Immerse yourself in the art and culture

Taken from gallery’s Instagram page @BahleGallery112

From city markets and cultural villages to roadside stalls and art galleries- Eswatini’s art and culture scene is just waiting to be explored. That mixed with personal identity and an ethnic aura, places such as the Mantenga Cultural Village, Yebo Art Gallery in Ezulwini and BaHle gallery found in Mbabane, are a must. The galleries in particular showcase art from local independent artists both during exhibitions and also in rotation.

BaHle opens weekly from 8 am – 4:30pm, the cosy vintage arrangement welcomes you into a time capsule feel, while Yebo Art gallery opens from 9 am – 5 pm. Both places also operate on Saturdays too, from 9 am to 1 pm.

Seeing rooms filled with art and antique collections, it’ll be a while before you settle down at a coffee shop.

Game drives

Saddle-Billed Stork by Mainstream_main

Having to see the big 5 of Africa up close, viewing stunning bird life, smaller game, or tracking magnificent rhinos is a top tier experience that we recommend. The kingdom has been blessed with a number of nature and wildlife parks which promise an experience that will leave you in awe. From sunset drives and cruising on mountain bikes to trekking through bush on horseback, there’s definitely an adventure for everyone.

So, the next time you want to get out and just vibe away from being in a crowded room or need some alone time, try these activities out and unwind.

PS- Remember to mask up, keep your social distance  and sanitize

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