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eTourism Introduces Automated Email Marketing Product

Guest Connect We’ve posted a number of times on the importance of using email segmentation to create highly targeted marketing campaigns for specific guests groups.  Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of Guest Connect, a new module within the iLaunch Content Management System that finely tunes this process and makes your resort’s email marketing campaign even more effective.

Guest Connect uses real-time data from your resort’s PMS to segment your contact database into highly specific guest groups. These groups are used to create highly personalised content that speaks directly to each group’s individual needs as a guest – whether they have stayed with you before or are yet to make a booking.

The criteria you can use to segment your database is almost endless, but examples might include a simple ‘Thank You’ campaign aimed at guests that have stayed in the last week, a ‘We Miss You’ campaign sent to all guests who have stayed in the last nine months but excluding those with a future booking, a campaign sent to past guests that do not have a future booking, or a campaign focused on the local drive market, sent only to those who live within driving distance of your property.

Once your campaigns are scheduled, they will run automatically. With Google Analytics reporting, copywriting and unsubscribe requests taken care of thanks to the eTourism complete email marketing management service, all you need to do is enjoy the benefits of improved personalised contact with your guests.

To find out how Guest Connect can transform your email marketing campaign, please contact eTourism today.

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