Enorme Hotels Channel Manager – Enorme Hotels Blog

Enorme Hotels Channel Manager – Enorme Hotels Blog

Enorme Hotels is always seeking for new opportunities and challenges, in order to adopt a more sophisticated approach for an improved strategic marketing. As the intense competition keeps growing, we constantly adjust with new technologies to upgrade our web hosting part by developing in worldwide markets and evolve new collaborative strategies. In response to these trends, we established a Channel Manager as a solution to the online marketplace.

Channel Manager is a tool which promotes and sells our hotels through multiple online Travel Agencies and websites at the same time. It also updates and distributes the availability on all connected sites in real time, while it gives us the chance to bulk amendments in our inventory. We wish our properties to be active into exploring new markets and be expanded in new areas, because every market has its challenges. So, which is the best way if not to address to them directly?

As the time goes by and as a proof to the latest facts with the pandemic of Covid, it is pretty clear that travelers prefer to book their accommodation last minute through online booking Agents. Channel Manager helps us sell and negotiate our inventory through unlimited channels around the world. The huge online exposure also contributes to be visible at guests who may not have found us otherwise, especially at millennials and mobile users.

One of the greatest assets, is that travelers can compare the rates from various booking websites and online Agencies. It also prevents any overbookings or double bookings because the rooms are actually available as they are renewed automatically without human intervention, although humans have set it up. This way guests have the chance to book online as per their comfort, avoiding rate parity issues and we can keep up with our competition on a current basis in order to adapt the best offers. By managing rooms, rates and inventories from one central place with a single click, we reduce the admin work and we focus more to our guest’s service. Let’s not forget that a well-served guest is always a satisfied guest!

Recapping, apart from the fact that we are continually challenging our team as we leading the markets which we operate, we have the opportunity to increase our global visibility and create a strong online image of our properties. Living on the 21th century it is the best time to accept and agree that with new technologies we can monitor and at the same time manage all of our bookings, ratings and revenue.

We can keep up with our guests on a daily basis by exploring new online tools which will help them track us and book with us in the easiest way. We are visualizing our properties to be reachable and affordable for each type of guest worldwide and that is the reason why we never stop and always seek new innovative techniques within the hospitality businesses and, therefore, operate for the better.

As the saying goes in hotel industry “Buy nice or Buy twice”..!

Interested to see our new channel manager in action? Just search us online!


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