Eight Pet-Friendly Places In And Around Gatlinburg

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Undoubtedly, vacations are the best time of the year for people, as they can take a break from reality and unwind as they please. When planning a vacation, people prefer to go with their loved ones. These include their family members or close friends. However, family members are not only humans for many Americans. For many, their furry family members can be their pets.

As traveling is not a simple feat, taking your pet along with you can seem like a challenging task. There are more advantages to doing so, which outweigh the disadvantages. For that reason, traveling with your pet is a thing now.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is perhaps one of the best tourist destinations for people with pets, especially dogs. The Smoky Mountains have a lot to offer their customers, both humans and animals. Here are some of the many pet-friendly places in and around Gatlinburg.


Not too far from Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge has an entire amusement park based on the life of the legendary country music artist Dolly Parton. The world-famous musician has her amusement park in the heart of Tennessee. Sadly, enough pets are not allowed to enter. However, there is a simple solution to this. You can let Doggywood take care of your dog while you and your family spend the whole day at Dollywood strolling and having the time of your life.

Find the best accommodation for your dog

Booking pet-friendly accommodation will help you cut your travel costs since you won’t have to rent a dog kennel or hire a sitter to watch over your pet while you’re away. You can choose from one of the many pet friendly Gatlinburg cabins and ensure an equally comfortable, safe, and eventful trip for your dog. This will also open up your budget for some more fun activities.

Walk along the trails Gatlinburg offers

One of the few hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains National Park that allows dogs is the Gatlinburg Trail. The Sugarlands Visitor Center is the starting point of this 1.9-mile, one-way route that leads to the Gatlinburg municipal limits. Although it’s not rugged like the other trails Gatlinburg offers, this trail has breathtaking views and can guarantee you and your dog a walk of a lifetime.

The 1.5-mile-long Oconaluftee River Trail is another trail that allows dogs to join you on your walk. It starts from the visitor center in Oconaluftee and ends in the outskirts of Cherokee, a city in North Carolina. Similar to the Gatlinburg Trail, this trail is also very level but offers some views that will leave you in awe.

On the edge of the Smoky Mountains in Townsend, Tennessee, is where you’ll find the Townsend River Walk and Arboretum. This route is available seven days a week from sunrise to sunset and is also pet-friendly and wheelchair accessible, making it the ideal place to visit collectively as a family. The trail is open to the public and is a must-visit. It is shorter at 0.3 miles compared to the other walking trails. But what makes it stand out is its ease of accessibility without compromising views.

The perfect place for a dog-a park

Sevierville is 14 miles from Gatlinburg and houses the PetSafe Dog Park, which caters to dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. The park has separate areas for dogs of different sizes to avoid clashes and grievous injuries. Moreover, there is equipment available that the dogs can use. The entirety of the park is under the close supervision of officials through CCTV to avoid any unforeseen events.

While your pet has the time of its life, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi while relaxing under the shade in the waiting areas. Because of these services, you will not rush their fun time as you will have a place to rest while your furry child thoroughly enjoys their trip.

A prerequisite for your dog to visit the park is that your dog must be fully vaccinated and not sick to avoid infecting other dogs there.

Pigeon Forge Island

Islands are always fun places, and Pigeon Forge Island is even more so for various reasons. The island is 9.6 miles from Gatlinburg and is full of shops, eateries, thrilling activities, and downtime spots; it is a place that should be on your list. Moreover, there’s even a giant Ferris wheel offering the best views. The show fountain offers tourists that are tired a place to relax. The best part is that dogs are welcome everywhere on the island.

Townsend Tubing Adventure

You find ways to beat the heat when it’s time to do so. While you’re at it, do the same for your dog. Take it tubing down the Rat River in the Smoky Mountains. Dogs can float with you across water rapids, mesmerizing views, and, to top it off, a jump at the end of it all. Almost all dogs love water and anything having to do with it. Doing this for your dog is likely to leave them overwhelmed with glee.

The SkyLift Park 

The SkyLift Park in Gatlinburg is widely known for its unmatched hospitality and services, putting it among the top destinations for your dog. For years, dogs could ride the chairlifts and get in on the jaw-dropping views. Sadly, since the fire broke out in 2016, the SkyLift service does not cover the entirety of the park. Despite everything, dogs can enjoy the SkyLift, SkyDeck, and SkyBridge with their owners.

Booze and dogs—what more could you want?

The concept of consuming illegally produced liquor during the night is known as “moonshining.” You need not leave your pet home to enjoy moonshining, as some distilleries allow you to bring your pet onto the premises. Try new beverages and enjoy them while your pet accompanies you.


Gatlinburg and its surrounding towns and cities are undoubtedly one of the best getaways in the States for you and your family, including your pet. Nobody wants their loved ones to miss out on the good things in life, and leaving your pet behind while you have a ball can leave them in a state of depression, and nobody with a heart can do that. The places highlighted above will ensure your pet accompanies you on your vacation so you all can have a blast.

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