Discovering Pacific City: A Tourist’s Guide to Oregon’s Coastal Gem

green tree near sea cliff during daytime

Nestled along the breathtaking Oregon coastline, Pacific City is a small, picturesque town that offers a perfect retreat for tourists seeking a blend of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and a laid-back atmosphere. With its pristine beaches, iconic rock formations, diverse wildlife, unique local culture, and incredible vacation rentals in Pacific City, it’s the ideal destination for a memorable getaway. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what tourists can expect when visiting this coastal gem.

Beaches and Natural Attractions:

  1. Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area: The iconic sandstone cape is home to the famous Haystack Rock, the third-largest monolith in the world. Visitors can explore the area on foot, take photographs, or enjoy the views from the beach.
  2. Pacific City Beach: Known for its wide stretch of soft sand, it is perfect for beachcombing, building sandcastles, or sunbathing. The beach is also a popular spot for surfing, kayaking, and fishing.
  3. Bob Straub State Park: Spanning over 484 acres, this park offers a variety of recreational activities such as hiking, birdwatching, and horseback riding along the Nestucca River and the sandy shoreline.

Outdoor Activities:

  1. Hiking: Pacific City offers several hiking trails, such as the Cape Kiwanda Trail, Sitka Sedge State Natural Area, and the Cascade Head Trail, each with varying levels of difficulty and unique views.
  2. Biking: Rent a bike and explore the scenic routes in and around Pacific City, including the Three Capes Scenic Loop.
  3. Dory Boat Fishing: Experience traditional dory boat fishing, unique to Pacific City. Local fishermen can take you out to sea, where you can catch salmon, halibut, or crab.

Wildlife and Birdwatching:

Pacific City is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers. The Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge is home to several species of birds, including the endangered Aleutian cackling goose, and offers guided birding tours. The area also boasts a diverse marine life, including seals, sea lions, and migrating gray whales.

Dining and Local Cuisine:

Pacific City offers a variety of dining options, ranging from casual beachside eateries to fine dining establishments. Fresh seafood is a staple, with many restaurants serving locally caught fish, crab, and clams. Don’t forget to try the famous clam chowder and fish and chips at local establishments like The Grateful Bread Bakery & Restaurant, The Pelican Brewing Company, and Ben & Jeff’s Burgers and Tacos.


Visitors can choose from a range of accommodation options, including cozy bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, beachfront hotels, and RV parks. Some popular choices include the Inn at Cape Kiwanda, Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa, and Hart’s Camp Airstream Hotel & RV Park.

Events and Festivals:

  1. Dory Days Festival (July): A weekend-long event celebrating Pacific City’s unique dory boat fishing heritage, featuring a parade, live music, and local food vendors.
  2. Reach the Beach (May): A charity bike ride event that attracts cyclists of all ages and skill levels, with routes ranging from 26 to 100 miles.
  3. Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic (September): A surf competition featuring longboarders from across the Pacific Northwest.

Pacific City, Oregon, truly is that idyllic coastal town that offers a diverse range of experiences for tourists. From its stunning natural attractions and outdoor activities to its rich local culture and delicious cuisine, Pacific City is the perfect destination for a memorable vacation. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, adventure

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