Cowboy Hats for Men: The Etiquettes You Need to Know

Donning a Cowboy Hat: The Dos and Don'ts of Stetson Etiquette

The cowboy hats are only a versatile piece of headgear, but they are also one of the most loved western fashion accessories. The cowboy hats will showcase the symbol of Texas and will help you increase your western fashion statement to become a proper cowboy. 

However, just because you’ve purchased a high-quality and durable cowboy hat doesn’t mean that you can wear them freely with anything. Apart from some specific dressings and events restrictions, you also need to consider the proper cowboy hat etiquettes. When you follow the proper cowboy hat etiquettes, you will not only look like a proper cowboy but also a gentleman. Even though some cowboy hat etiquettes rules might seem traditional, following them will help others realize that you respect the other person and the western culture. Continue reading the article to know more. 

Know When You Need to Remove Your Hat 

This is one of the most important cowboy hat etiquettes you need to know. Make sure you have a proper idea regarding when you should remove the cowboy hat. During the Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, during prayer, in church, during funerals is some of the most common situations when you need to remove your cowboy hat. Removing the cowboy hat means that you’re paying your respect towards someone and you’re not an alpha male. 

Additionally, when you’re introducing yourself to a woman, you also need to remove your hat. The same rule applies when a woman approaches you to introduce herself. You need to hold the hat in one hand and shake her hand to greet her. Many people tip the hat instead of removing it while addressing a woman. This is one of the most common mistakes you should avoid as you will look like someone with a great attitude. 

You also need to remove the cowboy hats while entering a restaurant, private home, or building. Consider avoiding wearing cowboy hats indoors. It doesn’t matter how great a hat company you purchase, the etiquettes will make you a true gentleman. 

Choose the Perfect Hats as Per the Seasons 

Many people assume that cowboy hats are perfect only during the summer months. However, this is not true. The cowboy hats are available in different materials. The materials you select for the western hats will determine how they would prove effective as per the seasons. 

Make sure you always choose the fabrics by determining the time of the year and the weather condition. If you live in a cold climate and you want to wear cowboy hats, you need to consider felt like the primary fabric choice. The felt cowboy hats will make your head warm during the winter months. As per Almanac, make sure you choose warmer clothes during the winter months.

On the other hand, the straw cowboy hats will improve air circulation. Thus, keeping you cool during the summer days. Therefore, make sure your choices are practical. 

Handle Your Cowboy Hats Properly 

This is another important cowboy hat etiquette you should know. The way you handle your cowboy hats will showcase your professionalism, attitude, style, and fashion sense. Most people don’t know the proper handling method of their cowboy hats. They either follow wrong hat handling etiquettes or end up causing permanent or temporary structural damages to the cowboy hats. 

While following the cowboy hat etiquettes, you need to ensure that you’re perfectly holding the hat. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing or removing the hat, the rules are always the same and applicable. You need to hold the cowboy hats by the crown so that no one can see the lining. If people see the lining of the cowboy hats while you remove them, they might not like it. This is because the interior can be full of sweat and grease and the view is not pleasant at all. On the other hand, removing the cowboy hats by the brim will cause additional structural issues. The brim might get bent easily.

Never Ever Mess with Someone’s Cowboy Hats 

This is the golden and most important cowboy hat rule or etiquette rule you always need to remember. You should never mess, even touch someone’s cowboy hats. During the 19th century, touching someone else’s cowboy hats was so offensive that men would end up fighting a duel. Even though the present generation is not ferocious, you should never mess with someone’s cowboy hats. 

Not only there are some urban legends regarding bad luck, but the cowboy hats are an extremely personal and expensive item. If you somehow cause damage to the cowboy hat while messing with it, you will end up disappointing the owner. In the worst-case scenario, the owner might ask for compensation. This will damage your reputation. 

Just like this, you should never allow anyone to touch your cowboy hats. Even if someone asks to try your cowboy hats, simply refuse in a calm voice. 


These are the cowboy hats etiquettes you should know. Do you have any other questions? Don’t forget to comment down below. You should visit our website if you need the best cowboy hats for men.