Camping Hospitality – The Growing Glamping Trend

Camping Hospitality – The Growing Glamping Trend

You’ve probably heard of glamping at least once or twice, and maybe you have chuckled at the concept or thought about giving it a try. Either way, it cannot be denied that it is one of the biggest camping trends out there and becoming more and more popular as time goes by. For many, it is a really fun and exciting form of camping, and it might just be a career path in hospitality that interests you as well.

What is Glamping?

It stands for glamorous camping, and while it still involves spending time outdoors and with nature, it also allows you to have some of the luxuries you are used to at home.

For lovers of adventure tourism, this is simply a delight.

There are many more amenities, like working bathrooms with showers and even kitchens, with some sites even offering resort-style services to make you feel more at home. Wikipedia has a lot about the origin and details of the word Glamping.

The tents often include full beds with plenty of warm blankets, electric or fuel heating there are communal living areas, and it is a lot like spending time with a community of people as opposed to hanging out on a traditional campsite.

The concept has been around for a while, but it is only recently that it has really started to grow and become the phenomenon that it is today.

There are all sorts of different sites across the world, and it simply offers a more luxurious way to experience different cultures and countries.

Why is Glamping so Popular?

Of course, you might be wondering what makes glamping such a popular choice for so many people. Many find it to be the most relaxing way to spend their time, as everything is ready to go and there is no need to set up a tent or worry about whether you are going to be warm enough at night.

Everything has been taken care of for you, so all you need to worry about is relaxing and recharging your batteries.

Glamping also tends to take place in a beautiful natural setting, so you can still benefit from the peace and tranquillity that it brings. While you still have a lot of amenities, they tend to be quite discreet so that you can enjoy being in the countryside and the local scenery. There is often natural wooden decking available for you to sit on and overlook the area.

Of course, it also has all of your home comforts readily available. Lamps, comfy beds, access to electricity and Wi-Fi, as well as fully functioning bathrooms are just some of the basics that every site has on offer. There are even little touches like wood burners available at many of these locations, as well as Bluetooth speakers, so you can still enjoy nature without being completely isolated.

Why Work in the Glamping Industry?

You might be wondering why you should consider working in the glamping industry, and there are a few good reasons for you to take the plunge and join this growing hospitality trend.

For one, you get to spend all your time working in absolutely gorgeous surroundings, spending each day in nature and enjoying the atmosphere. Working outside can be beneficial to your health, lowering your blood pressure and leaving you feeling calmer as well as more relaxed.

You get the chance to meet loads of friendly and interesting people from around the world every day. Most people who choose to go glamping are incredibly relaxed and laid back, making them the kind of people that you could spend a whole afternoon listening to. You may be working, but there is always time to stop and say hello for a few minutes.

Even though you are working on an outdoor site, you still have the luxuries and facilities that you would have at home – even as an employee.

So, you have access to working bathrooms, a comfortable bed, and even electricity and wi-fi if you need it. Being outdoors doesn’t mean that you have to be uncomfortable during or after work.

It’s a great way to gain a new perspective, both in life and the natural world. You have time to think and experience something that is completely new, and many who work in this section of the hospitality industry have found it to be life-changing.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this has given you further insight into the world of glamping, why it’s become so popular, and the reasons that many choose to work in the industry.

If you are searching for a new life in hospitality, you might want to take a look at the glamping industry for something that both helps you to improve as a person, but also allows you to meet some truly incredible guests and colleagues.

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