Best Tourist Attractions In Bangkok – Thailand

 Best Tourist Attractions In Bangkok Thailand

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Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Bangkok

I’ve put together some of the best tourist attractions in 🌆 Bangkok – Thailand, that we enjoyed on our visit a few seasons ago.

The first stop on our journey to Thailand, was to this incredible City of Bangkok.
✈ Flying into the airport after a long journey from 🍁 Canada, we spent our first 2 nights in the city.

We only had a couple of days in Bangkok, so we wanted to make the best of it!

What are some of the main attractions in Bangkok and are they worth seeing? ❓

There are numerous attractions throughout the city and yes, they are definitely worth seeing!

I am going to give you a brief rundown on what we chose to see and do during our short stay. First, check out this very cool Youtube video on – 25 Amazing Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand.

This video has over 7 million views from a very popular fellow travel blogger!

25 Amazing Things To Do in Bangkok- YouTube Video

As you can see from the video, there are plenty of places to go and see. It’s just a matter of choosing what may be of interest to you, and setting out to see them.

You can do this on your own or by way of escorted tours.

Let’s have a look what we enjoyed seeing and doing, on our short stay. 🙂

Must Visit Attractions In Bangkok

The Grand Palace

Grand Palace Bangkok at Night

Grand Palace Bangkok at Night

Without a doubt and one the most popular of all places to visit in Bangkok, is the – Magnificent Grand Palace.

This beautiful complex was established in 1782.  It was the home of the 👑 Royal residence, official government offices and Buddha temples.

Today, visitors can stroll through the many buildings inside the Palace. The entire grounds make up an area of over 200,000 square meters, which are surrounded by four enormous concrete walls.

Be sure to check out my 🛕 Bangkok Grand Palace post here, where you can view more of my 📸 photos and tips for visiting the Palace.

The main attraction in the Palace is the; Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

In this temple, you can view the beautiful Jade Buddha sitting high above.  This mysterious Buddha dates back to the 15th century. 

For believers, this temple and Buddha are where many come to pay respect to the Lord Buddha and His Teachings.

In all, there are 34 beautiful buildings consisting of; temples, halls, museums and more for you to visit.

Be sure to take your 📸 camera, bottled water and dress appropriately for the tour. Men must wear long pants and shirts.  Women must have shoulders and knees covered.

For more information on the Grand Palace, be sure to visit their official website I’ve listed below.

The Grand Palace

🏛   The Grand Palace

Best Attractions Around The City Of Bangkok

Don’t Miss the Damnoensaduak Floating Market

Vendors Selling Their Wares a the Floating Market

 Damnoensaduak Floating Market Bangkok

Although this market is completely commercialized, we chose to take the half day tour from downtown Bangkok. We wanted to experience some of the true culture and history of Thailand.

For many people of Thailand, living on the river still remains their way of life. There are many floating markets and river canals to experience around Bangkok city.

It gives you an amazing glimpse of everyday life for locals living on the river’s edge.

Part of the tour and perhaps the most enjoyable was the scenic long tail boat ride, taking you to the actual site of the floating market.

On the boat ride you can view the many riverfront homes, stores, markets and more along the river bank.

The Damnoensaduak Floating Market is the oldest and largest in this region. It really must be seen to fully appreciate!

For those wanting to experience a touch of Thailand’s true history and culture, it’s a must!

I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of the locals occupying the boats, cooking and selling their wares were the elderly.

It gives you the feeling that it’s only a matter of time, before this authentic site and way of life will become a thing of the past.

Younger people are moving into the cities and away from this rural way of life.

The ride from downtown Bangkok is long, approximately 1 ½ hours each way but it also gives you an opportunity to view the sites and surrounding countryside of Bangkok. 

Although the market has become very touristy and commercialized, it is an affordable half day tour that’s definitely worth experiencing.

I would rate this tour as one of the more popular tourist attractions and places to visit while in Bangkok. 🙂  
As well, be sure to check out my post and review on 🚣 Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, and more personal photographs taken of our visit.

Best Places To Visit In Bangkok Thailand

Experience Khao San Road 

Khao San Rd Bangkok Thailand

Situated just steps from our 🏨 hotel in Bangkok, is the ever popular street known as – Khao San Rd.

This street fare is just minutes from the Grand Palace and the river banks in downtown Bangkok.  

Rich with history, this street became really famous as a result of it appearing in one of this famous actors very early films.

Leonardo di Caprio

Leonardo di Caprio The Beach

Once the movie was shown, everyone visiting Bangkok had to see it in person.  Starting as a street where backpackers could stay cheap in guest houses in the early 1980’s, has now turned into a major tourist attraction!

In one word to describe Khao San Road?   …   Crazy!!

It’s really a fun and amazing street to experience and definitely worth seeing in person.  It’s most definitely one of the more popular attractions and things to do in Bangkok after dark.  T

he street comes alive in the evening!

You stroll along the many shops, restaurants, nightclubs and bars on the street.  Enjoy the many local food carts that are set up, where you can feast on true Thai food and snacks.

The people are many, the noise is incredible, but the experience is definitely one not to be missed. The sites, smells and sounds are sure to amaze you, fascinate you and annoy you at the same time! 🙂

Do Not Miss A Visit To Khao San Road!

Places To Visit In Bangkok

Go Shopping

Platinum Fashion Mall BangkokThailand

If you like shopping, then be sure to visit the more modern and seemingly more upscale district in Bangkok, known as Pratanum.

This is definitely one of the cities more modern, bright and trendy zones.  We couldn’t help but notice all the younger locals of Bangkok in this area shopping.

This area is very popular for its; fashion factory outlets, street markets, and tons of local street vendors on the sidewalks.

Street vendors selling and making a variety of foods and drinks to purchase. All the modern conveniences mixed in with the old at the same time!

There’s shopping galore and many places to grab something to eat. From traditional Thai food to modern McDonald’s hamburger outlets, you’ll find here.

Also, this is where the more modern and upscale 🏨 hotels in Bangkok are located.

The two outrageously big and modern shopping outlets we visited were …

  1.      Platinum Fashion Mall
  2.      Pantip Plaza

In the fashion mall, you will find a maze of tiny trendy fashion outlets, over 1300 to be exact. 

This mall has a number of floors, with a nice food court on the top floor with scenic views of the surrounding area.

A shopping experience completely out of the ordinary for us North Americans!

Pantip Plaza

Pantip Plaza Bangkok Thailand

The Pantip Plaza is a tech geeks dream come true! 

Looking for anything electronic, computer related, gadgets to wrist watches, you’ll find it here under one very large roof. The whole area is well worth experiencing, if not just for the sights and smells and to witness the more modern trendy side of Bangkok.

We particularly enjoyed the street vendors and shopping on the streets sidewalks.  Getting to the area was easy, about half an hour from our hotel.

Taking a 🚕 taxi for four was very reasonable and coming to this area was well worth experiencing!

If you only have a few days in the city, it’s impossible to see even the most popular attractions in and around Bangkok. 

Our hotel was central to many tourist attractions and within easy walking distance. This helped a great deal for our few days we only had in the city.

We enjoyed afternoon strolls along the river and its local markets. Trying to experience and take in as much of the local feel and culture as we could.

This is a city of over 7 million people. Bangkok is 🥵 hot, humid, smoggy and busy!

But it’s filled with friendly people, great food, beautiful attractions and so much more.

Final Thoughts Banner

We enjoyed our stay in this maze of a city, but at the same, were looking forward to our final holiday destination.

The 🏝 Island of Koh Samui, located in the Gulf of Thailand!


Bangkok Becomes Top Travel City

Bangkok Thailand

Thanks to etalktravel for this news on Bangkok winning top destination city of the world by MasterCard. Thailand Tourist statistics revealed the number of tourists visiting Thailand increased from 35.35 million in 2017 to 38.28 million in 2018.

There was a slight increase still in 2019 at 39.80 million visitors from around the world.

My wife and I returned to Thailand in 2020 for the second time from Canada, and loved our visit once again!


Like most destinations around the world, travel is beginning to open up once again for foreign visitors and Thailand is no exception.

Great Travel Deals

On a positive note and for those who love to travel, some Gr8 Travel Deals 🙂 are now beginning to show up. So get ready to pack your bags and to take advantage of the type of travel that you love!

I’ve also listed the 🐘 Official Tourism Thailand link below to their website page for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information on everything this Beautiful Country has to offer.

amazing thailand logo

🙏   Amazing Thailand Tourism


Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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