Aerial view of Frankfurt from a plane window

Aerial view of Frankfurt from a plane window

Frankfurt is one of the most populous cities in Germany (just under a million inhabitants) and is a global hub of finance and commerce. On a recent flight from Frankfurt Airport, the plane took off in an easterly direction, providing me with an aerial view of Frankfurt. I’m glad I sat on the right side as the plane window views were absolutely beautiful!

frankfurt plane window view
Frankfurt from a plane window.

Frankfurt (map) has a long and fascinating history. Before World War II, it boasted the largest medieval city centre in Germany. Sadly, almost all of its historical monuments were destroyed during the war.

frankfurt germany
Panoramic view of Frankfurt.

These days, the city centre is a congregation of shiny skyscrapers, many of which are the headquarters of major banks (including the European Central Bank), the newly-developed New Frankfurt Old Town (a reconstruction of the old medieval centre) and various landmarks such as the Alte Oper and Frankfurter Dom.

frankfurt aerial view
I zoomed into the city centre, with its central station and many skyscrapers.

In the photo below, I’ve highlighted the various landmarks in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt landmarks

Many see Frankfurt as a business city with few places of interest. It may not be one of the best reasons to visit Germany, however, I recommend spending at least 1-2 nights in Frankfurt to enjoy its vibrant atmosphere, landmarks and leafy streets. Furthermore, its hub function makes it easy to explore the rest of Germany by train. In the vicinity, you’ll find the Rhine Valley, with its numerous castles, medieval villages and endless vineyards.


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