Abode Booking & SiteMinder for Milky Way Holidays Villa

Abode Booking & SiteMinder for Milky Way Holidays Villa

Milky Way Holiday Villas occupy a prime position on the world heritage listed island of Lord Howe in New South Wales, famous for its crystal-clear, star-studded night skies. And after partnering with AbodeBooking and SiteMinder to boost their guest listings,
the sky’s the limit.

When General Manager Cissy Young switched from Frontdesk to AbodeBooking and SiteMinder in 2020, the decision was easy. Cissy likes to book with a combination of online and manual booking, so Frontdesk’s glow faded fast when they changed the Milky Way website to online bookings only.

That’s when she moved to the AbodeBooking PMS, integrated with a SiteMinder website for more flexibility and real-time analytics, backed by SiteMinder’s pool of expert consultants who are always on call to help her accommodation business.

Up and shining in no time

“It definitely exceeded my expectations and the staff were very helpful.”

The process was far more informative and much less stressful than she expected, and she was impressed with the patience and support of both the SiteMinder and AbodeBooking teams during the setup process.

A constellation of expertise and efficiency

The stellar combination of AbodeBooking and SiteMinder has transformed Milky Way’s day-to-day operations. With her SiteMinder website, she knows exactly how many bookings she has at any point in time, and how to adapt her pricing to maximize their guest intake.

What’s more, having SiteMinder’s consultants in her corner means that Milky Way is never short on expert advice on how to adapt her website and make the most of any opportunity in today’s ever-shifting accommodation landscape.

“The biggest advantage of having a consultant is they know exactly what they are doing. They’re a fount of information”

Coupled with SiteMinder’s expert support, AbodeBooking allows Cissy quicker data entry and access across multiple devices. And because she’s constantly on the move, she can now check room availability in an instant, making her business more nimble and efficient.

Glowing recommendations

Thanks to her SiteMinder website, Cissy has seen her bookings for Milky Way rise to even greater heights. When asked if she’d recommend SiteMinder and AbodeBooking to other lodges and hotels, her answer is a definite ‘yes’.

As a small lodge, Milky Way still takes a lot of manual bookings in addition to direct bookings online, and with tailored options for any size accommodation, her simple software partnerships give her the flexibility to do just that.

SiteMinder will always be there for Cissy’s business, and we look forward to what’s in the stars for her future…


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