6 Toys to Occupy a 2-4 Years Old During a Flight

6 Toys to Occupy a 2-4 Years Old During a Flight

As a globetrotter, the plane is like a second home for me. Before I had my daughter, I thought I was a Guru of getting ready to fly. I always had everything I needed, even dental floss and toothpicks (6 hour flight with a piece of sandwich stuck between my teeth, no thank you!).

When my daughter was a baby, flying with her was a piece of cake, but at 2 years old it  was very different. What a horrible feeling to suddenly have a little over 200 enemies (passengers) 30,000 feet in the air! It’s not like I was able to escape them.

However, there was only one disastrous flight, because the Guru in me knew how to prepare for the following flights. With the diapers, the wipes and the duvets, I added toys to keep my daughter busy throughout the flight.

Here are a few toys for the  2-4 years old that are perfect for air travel since they meet my 4 PLANE FRIENDLY criteria:

  • Quiet
  • Unbreakable
  • Don’t stain
  • Easy to carry in hand luggage

The Silent Book DeMoca Montessori


This silent, sensory fabric book offers 9 activities, they are:

  • Develop their motor skills with its buttons, zippers, ties and laces
  • Make association games with Velcro shapes
  • Begin their preschool education by learning the time among other things

The book comes with a resealable case to keep it clean. However, if your child soils it,  simply put it in the washing machine in the washing bag provided with the book.

To get it, it’s over here!

ZSFLZS Magnetic Face Maker Puzzle

Held in a small resealable box, the 78 magnetic pieces of this puzzle will allow your child to recreate the face of each passenger on the flight or to reproduce those offered by the reference cards. Your child will develop his sense of observation while having fun. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

To get this puzzle, it’s here!

KOKODI’s LCD Drawing Tablet

No more paper and a thousand and one pencils with this lightweight and compact LCD drawing tablet (10-inch format). Don’t worry about having to recharge it because the tablet comes with an easy-to-change battery that lasts 6-month. Your child will be able to draw, but he will also be able to perfect his learning of writing. To erase, just press the erase button. It is also possible to keep your child’s creation with the save key.  (Available in 4 colors)

To get the tablet, it’s here!

Melissa & Doug Embossed Sticker Book Set

Is there a child in this world who doesn’t like stickers? This embossed sticker book set includes 150 reusable stickers and 3 books that feature 3 themes:

  • The Safari
  • The farm
  • The Chipmunks

This set is great for developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creative expression, storytelling thinking (you’ll hear so many stories as they attached their stickers) and they will also develop their play en solo.) 

To get this set, it’s here!

Teytoy Montessori Tie Cushion

This plush sensory loop pillow helps toddlers develop fine motor skills, cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination and problem solving with these ties, laces, zippers and buttons. Your child will also be able to learn numbers, letters and colors.

Despite its simplicity, this cushion is known to be one of the best toys for air travel.

To get the cushion, it’s here!

The iBaste Push Bubble

The Push Bubble reproduces the pleasure of popping bubbles from a bubble wrap.

As simple as this toy may seem, it can exercise children’s mathematical thinking, reasoning strategy, mental arithmetic, logical thinking and fine motor skills. Come up with different rules like: tap yellow bubbles only, tap 2 bubbles of each color, tap bubbles to form a square, etc,etc.

In addition to being fun, this toy can have a real calming effect. It is therefore perfect for children who feel anxious on the plane.

To get the Push Bubble, it’s here!

After a trip, there’s one thing kids love to do: pin the destination they visited on a world map. I invite you to visit my shop to purchase one of my hand-drawn and customizable world maps. I even have pretty wooden thumb tacks to embellish your map!

Hopefully this toys list will make your next airplane flights peaceful and enjoyable.















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