Should Hotels have EV charging stations?

5 Reasons Why EV Charging is More than Just a Trend for Hotels

Should Hotels have EV charging stations?

Sustainability in hotels is not a new trend. The demand has grown so high in recent years that an entire industry of “sustainable travel” uses “going green” to create an aura of luxury. Now, sustainable travel is beginning to look less aspirational, and more economical for the hotel industry. Nothing points to sustainability’s staying power more than the rise in electric vehicle demand. Here are five reasons why EV charging stations will become a critical part of your hotel’s marketing and revenue strategy going forward:

This Customer Base is Here to Stay

More drivers are sticking with electric for their next vehicle purchase, meaning this trend is gaining traction. More car manufacturers are coming out with newer EV makes and models. This means that the used EV market is also growing, making it easier for a wider demographic of customers to go electric. As the number of electric vehicles increases, so too will the demand from guests for convenient charging.

Puts Your Property on the Map

Literally! The network of charging stations, especially superchargers, is easily accessed. A quick Google search reveals dozens of maps showing charging station locations across the country. For electric vehicle owners traveling across the country, these maps heavily dictate where they choose to stay.

Boosts Your Hotel’s Image

Guests want to see hotels with a commitment to the environment. Even if they did not arrive in an electric vehicle, prominent charging stations signal that the hotel operator is proactively investing in keeping the property up to date. Employees also find value in working for an establishment with a sense of duty to the community and environment.

Incentives Have Expanded

While maintaining an EV charge station has a relatively low cost, installation takes a larger investment.
Recent government programs have expanded to cover 30% of the upfront cost and allow for much larger projects to be subsidized.
The expanded tax credits can also encompass the purchase of electric vehicles, creating the option to have an electric shuttle fleet that also can be fueled onsite.

Adds Extra Revenue Possibilities

While there is no standard fee structure for charging an EV, there is plenty of evidence that an EV charging station can create extra revenue for an operator. The location and property type would greatly affect just how much revenue could be generated, but the opportunity is still there.

Find Forward Thinking Hotel Leaders

Deciding which trends your property should adopt takes time, research, and an eye for the bottom line. Let our hotel recruiters find hotel leaders with those key skills and more. Contact us to learn how.

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