4 Luxuries to Expect on a Yacht Charter

You’d get to experience 24/7 luxury if you’d go on a yacht charter holiday. You’d have everything served to you and you’d have everything that you’d ever need while exploring beautiful turquoise waters and exotic islands. It is an experience of a lifetime. It is an experience that you should at least experience once. Experiencing it regularly is all the better. 


If you’re clueless as to what kind of luxury a yacht charter actually entails, then this post is perfect for you. We’d enlist the delicious luxuries that you are set to experience if you’d set out on a yacht charter holiday. Luxury means great comfort mixed with extravagance. Experiencing it every now and then is something that all of us greatly deserve. And the easiest way to fully immerse yourself in all things luxurious is to go on a holiday yacht charter. Read on, learn, and sail away! 

What is a yacht charter? 

A yacht charter is a holiday experience that you deserve. You get to enjoy it by renting a yacht either in full (this is if you know how to sail yourself) or with a crew. A truly luxurious yacht charter is one that comes with a crew that will do everything for you. 

You’re free to do everything while on a yacht charter. You will have access to delicious food and fun water sports and activities. On one, you can opt to go on a holiday in exotic locations or celebrate life milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, and promotions. Some even get married on yacht charters. 

You can go on a yacht charter for just a day, a number of days, a week, or even a month. It all will depend on the kind of holiday that you want. 

The following are the definite luxuries that you will enjoy while on a yacht charter: 

#1: The luxury of enjoying a personal resort

A yacht charter will give you full control and command of everything in such a way that you will feel like you have a personal resort or tiny island of your own — a moving one at that with all the food and beverage that you’d ever need. This is the case because, as already mentioned, you’d be going on a sailing holiday where everything will be provided and served to you. It will be extremely personal and customized to your needs across all endpoints. From food, activities, blankets, and even guests. Yes, on a yacht charter, you’d get to choose the people that you want to be with. You can limit their number and easily require them to undergo tests and precautions to ensure that everyone aboard is safe. This is the very reason why demands for yacht charters spiked during the pandemic. Apart from being extremely extravagant, partying and celebrating on a yacht charter is also extremely safe as you could limit and closely monitor all guests. 

#2: The luxury of privately enjoying picture-perfect destinations

While this is definitely a plus, you should also note that private yacht charter companies always stick to a route. This means that even if you want to take them a bit off-location, you will have to seek permission from the company that owns the yacht. This is a reason why some of the world’s most successful individuals by boats and yachts. Yes, they have to take care of the boat repairs, but they can take their vessels to any place that they desire without being answerable to anyone.

You’d experience peak luxury while on a yacht charter as you’d get to easily explore and discover any holiday destination on the planet. All you have to do is pick a yacht charter that could go to your preferred area and simply sail away. 

On a yacht charter, you’d love how you can comfortably bring your whole family to any exotic beach or destination. You’d love how you’d get to swim in crystal clear waters in the middle of nowhere with just you and your family around. This is the very reason why the rich and famous love going on holiday sailing escapades. Privacy and exclusivity are all that they are after. 


#3: The luxury of enjoying world-class cuisines

This luxury is made possible by a piece of paper that you will answer a week or days prior to your yacht charter – the preference sheet. It is in this sheet that you will enlist and discuss everything that you’d ever want and need while sailing. The preference sheet will include questions on your preference on the following:

  • food
  • water sports
  • entertainment activities
  • destination
  • need for a personal trainer
  • need for a personal chef

If you want to go all out in enjoying world-class cuisines, all you have to do is enlist the dishes that you want. All will be served conveniently and especially for you and your guests while you leisurely sail away. You can go full Italian on your first day and turn Japanese on your second day. You can even request a strict seafood diet where your chef would only serve freshly caught sea goodies during your trip. You can even go fully vegan! The choice will be all yours! Yacht charter companies likeIsabella Yachts Phuket even offer options to request spa treatments and massage therapists. You can even request a yogi to sail with you!  

#4: The luxury of well-trained staff

Yacht charters are manned by a well-trained crew, staff, and hospitality experts. All will be at your beck and call 24/7. You will enjoy hopping from one island to the next while jet skiing on the side without having to worry about what you’d eat as all will be prepared for you. You can simply enjoy your tours and island-hopping without having to worry about cleaning and manning your yacht. A dedicated crew will do all the sailing for you while a dedicated chef and staff will serve all your needs. All that you’d have to do is simply enjoy your holiday and decide on what to do and where to go next. That fun.That simple. That luxurious!