3 Ways to Reduce Nerves When Visiting a New Country

3 Ways to Reduce Nerves When Visiting a New Country

When people are travelling to another country, it is quite normal for a level of unease or anxiety to creep in, especially for first-time international travelers. This could be for a number of reasons, including the method of travel, the health services available in the other country, or their current Covid-19 restrictions.

Preparation for a visit to another country is key in order to make sure that you have some level of control over all of these factors and that your mind is put at ease as much as possible. Below are three things you can do to try and reduce your nerves before travelling.


Do Travel Research Online

Checking online the final destination of your country is one of the most reassuring ways to reduce the nerves. When people visit places, they will leave reviews and articles to give a real view of their experience that goes beyond what you can read in even the best travel guidebooks.

While doing travel research offline can be useful for inspiration and trip planning, online you will not only have the opportunity to read a lot of information, but also you may even be able to contact people/areas directly if you have any specific questions you would like answered. Virtual places like online forums, travel blogs, and Facebook groups can be fantastic sources of crowdsourced information and support.

There is also the government travel site that will give you their view on the country. This will relate not only to things like security and health, but will give a general view on what to look out for (for example if crime is high in specific areas).

ways to reduce nerves when visiting a new country do travel research online

Get an Insurance Cover

Some people may get nervous around the idea of “What if something goes wrong?” This could be that your baggage gets lost, it could be that there is a medical emergency, or it could be that you are robbed whilst abroad. With all of these things (and a lot more), this is why we would recommend that people take out a level of holiday insurance.

Holiday insurance can cover a wide range of things and the beauty of it is that you can change and tailor the insurance policy to suit your needs. If you are specifically worried about healthcare as an example, then you can increase the level of cover around this so that it covers almost any eventuality.

These policy types are not expensive, and it is actually mandated in a number of countries. If it this is a requirement and you do not then take the cover, you could be refused entry by immigration, so it is not a chance worth taking.

When you are searching for your holiday insurance, you can change the level to suit whatever your budget is, this includes the excess. The excess is the amount that will be deducted from your payout in the unlikely event of a claim. If you are claiming £500 as an example and your excess is £100, then your total payout will be £400. You can choose to have an excess of £0, however this will clearly increase the price of the insurance policy so think it through.

Having these insurance policies will help reduce the anxiety and ensure you have a level of protection.

Beat Travel Nerves with Facts

Some people get a lot of travel nerves, especially if they are flying. In these instances, it is actually very reassuring to look at the facts. If you are travelling by plane, then look at the facts around how this is one of the safest ways to travel (and there is more likelihood someone is struck by lightening than passes away from a plane accident).

There are also a lot of online courses available to put people at ease. In addition to this, inform the tour operator or airline about this anxiety in advance as most will have a level of support they will be able to offer you (usually for free also!).

Prepare for a cosy and enjoyable flight by bringing some travel accessories for long flights such as a travel pillow, eye mask, headphones, and other commodities that will increase our comfort levels and upgrade your experience. Make the most of the on-board entertainment system to take your mind off anxious thoughts – or if you prefer, bring your own distractions, such as a good book or a relaxing playlist!

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