10 Places In Disney Animated Movies Fans Would Love To Visit

Disney movies are famous for their old-school charm. They are the epitome of grace and allure, perfect representations of magic itself. They create worlds filled with beauty, hope, color, and spectacle. These locations exist in distant fantasy lands, safe from real-world corruption, forever remaining wholesome and bright.

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It’s no secret that fans would love to visit these places. Who wouldn’t? They are not only visually beautiful but also fun and appealing, the promise for a jolly good time. They stand as some of the best cinematic creations, and not even the greatest Disney hater could resist their charm.

10 Arendelle

Frozen Arendelle Gates

The Kingdom of Arendelle is home to Elsa and Anna from the Frozen franchise. Taking inspiration from Norway, the Kingdom may not be massive in size but still packs infinite charm. The village that lies beyond the castle includes several homes, a marketplace, and even a clocktower.

Arendelle is quaint and welcoming. Its inhabitants are warm and tight-knit people, and any tourist would love to spend some time among them. The breathtaking views of the fjords, mountains, and the waterfall provide the finishing touches for this lovely and rustic town.

9 Motunui

When Moana premiered in 2016, fans became instantly enchanted by its tropical setting. The movie draws inspiration from Polynesian myths, and that also translates into its location. Crystal-clear waters and vast mountains of green make Motunui a paradise in every sense of the word.

The island has a rich history, having been created by the Goddess Te Fiti. The more dangerous aspects of the island, like the darkness and sea-dwelling creatures, disappear thanks to Moana, leaving only its natural beauty. Thus, Motunui became the ideal vacation spot, a hidden paradise for adventurers.

8 Corona

Flynn and Rapunzel on the boat with floating lanterns behind them in Tangled

Corona is an island kingdom and the birthplace of one of Disney’s most stylish Princesses, Rapunzel. Prosperous and quite large, Corona would be the perfect place for a vacation. It has plenty of landmarks to visit, like the capital city, the forest, and Old Corona.

Furthermore, the kingdom has a yearly celebration where the inhabitants release lanterns into the sky. The festival is a commemoration of the Princess and a landmark event that became synonymous with the kingdom itself. Every tourist in the world would want to travel and experience the festival, making Corona a wildly popular destination.

7 Kumandra


Raya and the Last Dragon premiered in 2021 and became a huge hit. Critics and fans praised the movie’s characters and message, with many considering it an instant classic. The film’s visuals also received considerable praise, and it’s easy to see why.

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The nation of Kumandra takes centers stage in the movie. Although initially divided, the land reunites eventually, with all tribes coming together as one. Kumandra is a place of myth and wonder, a dragon-shaped nation with a diverse collection of habitats, ideal for those who crave adventure.

6 Atlantica

For years, the ocean has enchanted people around the world. Vast and neverending, the sea is full of legends and unanswered questions, with countless mysteries lurking within its depths.

The idea of an underwater civilization has always been fascinating, and The Little Mermaid gave people one of the best representations of ocean kingdom. Atlantica is majestic and enchanting, a breathtaking domain like nothing that exists on land. Most fans can’t understand why Ariel would leave her life in the ocean behind. Indeed, Atlantica looks like the perfect place to live.

5 King Stefan’s Kingdom

King Stefan's castle as seen in Sleeping Beauty

The Middle Ages also hold a certain charm in popular culture. People view it as a time of castles and knights, kings and princesses, honor and myth. Movies like Sleeping Beauty, arguably Disney’s best fairytale, do a lot to reinforce this belief, presenting King’s Stefan’s Kingdom as a beautiful, prosperous land full of, in Maleficent’s words, royalty, nobility, and gentry.

The movie doesn’t show much about the Kingdom and doesn’t even give it a name. However, it does show the immense castle, large enough to house a small village. Traveling to the past is already an alluring idea, and going back to a time of plenty sounds even better.

4 San Fransokyo

San Fransokyo Big Hero 6

The idea of combining San Francisco and Tokyo might sound too farfetched. At first sight, the places have nothing in common at all. However, the animated movie Big Hero 6, inspired by the Marvel comics of the same name, did it and got away with it.

San Fransokyo is a booming metropolis that perfectly fuses eastern and western influences. The city itself is a high-tech accomplishment that still incorporates artistic elements into its design. The result is a unique and enthralling city with thousands of places to go.

3 Thebes

Thebes as seen in Disney's Hercules

The 1997 animated classic Hercules isn’t exactly mythological accurate. It changes multiple things about its titular demigod to make his story more family-friendly. Still, although its portrayal of Ancient Greece feels a tad underwhelming, it’s still appreciated.

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The movie presents Thebes as a crime-infested city in dire need of assistance. Once Hercules becomes their hero, Thebes goes back to being a prosperous landmark of the Greek world. Anyone would die to go back in time and visit a thriving Thebes, experiencing the wonder of classical Greece first-hand.

2 Neverland

Neverland island as seen in Disney's Peter Pan

There are pros and cons to going to Neverland. Its appeal is blatant; Neverland is an island of wonder and magic, with no boundaries, just like a child’s mind. Endless adventures await Neverland’s visitors, anything they can dream of, in fact, making it, in many ways, the ultimate destination.

However, not all is perfect in Neverland, and there are dangers to such vastness. Contrary to popular belief, time does pass in Neverland. The Lost Children grow up, and the fairies have short life-spans. It’s only Neverland’s most famous resident, Peter Pan, that chooses not to grow up.

1 Atlantis

Was Atlantis real? That’s the question humanity has been asking ever since Plato first mentioned the island in his seminal works, Timaeus and Critias. Nowadays, the consensus is that it never existed, and it’s a creation from the philosopher’s mind. However, if Atlantis had indeed been real, everyone would love to visit its ruins.

The 2001 underrated movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire portrays the island as an advanced civilization brought down by its inhabitants’ ambition. It remains until modern times, hidden inside a dormant volcano. The movie does a great job bringing the myth to life, and plenty of children and adults would love to take a stroll down the lost empire.

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