Furniture Cover: Protecting Your Belonging In Long-Term Storage

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Storing the furniture sets is more challenging than choosing the material of the furniture. Whether you need to store furniture to save space at home, before or after moving, cleaning the office, or protecting them from inclement weather, there may be several reasons you may require storing the furniture.

What are the things to remember when keeping your furniture long and short-term storage? Here is what you need to know.

Cleaning the furniture

There are several benefits of keeping the furniture in storage when they are not in use but you must carefully avoid storing the furniture without cleaning. Food crumbs and stains in the furniture sets often attract pests and insects, so you must try storing them.

  1. For wooden furniture, you must remove the dust using a soft cotton cloth or feather duster. Besides, you can dip a towel in soap water to remove the stains and dry the area before applying wood polish. When storing wooden furniture, you must protect it with canvas or vinyl cover.
  2. Leather furniture storage is tricky as the material becomes worn out quickly and the cover you put must help in preventing damage.
  3. For upholstered furniture, you need to remove the cushions and vacuum the corners and crevices.
  4. Protecting the furniture in storage is the trickiest thing and using a furniture cover prevents them from becoming dirty or dusty.
  5. When choosing the cover, you need to go for form-fitting options. Although bubble wraps and blankets are often used for storing furniture sets, the covers available today are trustworthy and more appropriate for protecting them.
  6. Try to avoid using tarps for leather or upholstered furniture as it traps moisture and makes the furniture set developing must and mold.

Long-term storage option for furniture sets:

You may need to store furniture sets to remove excess clutter from home or to protect them when refurbishing the home. Unfortunately, no using the right furniture cover may make the furniture sets deteriorate over a period and may turn to be more expensive for buying a new piece. Before buying a cover, you need to explore the following points.

  • Is the furniture set in perfect condition ad suitable for storage?
  • Is the furniture set expensive?
  • Is the furniture set durable and comprise high-quality furniture?
  • Does the furniture set have any sentimental value?

Once you get fitting replies, you can keep the furniture set safely in a storage unit. However, you need to analyze whether the furniture set requires an additional protection as leaving the set uncovered may attract dust and dirt.

  • You need to cover all the furniture items in storage and the material you choose for covering must resonate with the type of the furniture you store.
  • For wooden furniture, the cover needs to be soft and breathable and protect the set from dents and scratches.
  • The cover needs to aid air circulation to prevent mold formation.
  • You must add extra padding or glass tops and the corners or edges to avoid getting hurt when dissembling the cover.
  • Try to get covers at allowing you to wrap the legs and the bulging parts.

You need to invest in the right cover material to ensure that your furniture set is safe in storage conditions.